We’re all intelligent, capable, badass women – but even intelligent, capable badass women can get overwhelmed planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party.

From the best espresso martini to the best way to heal a hangover, you’re bound to have a list of questions when planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party.

Here are five crucial questions we think you should add to your list to plan the best Scottsdale bachelorette party!  

scottsdale bachelorette

What time of year do you want to visit?

You may think Scottsdale isn’t a four-season area, but we’re here to tell you it is. They’re just slightly different! Instead of cold-warm-hot-cold, it’s warm-hot-Satan’s armpit-hot. Each season has pros and cons – choose the best fit for you!


Late fall is a fantastic time to visit Scottsdale – and tourists know it. It can be busier, but it does offer great weather when other areas are very chilly! We recommend you get your reservations for everything far in advance.


There are fewer people competing for reservations, but you also have to fight the hot heat! If you want to explore the desert at all, either head out before sunrise or pick a different season. Otherwise, enjoy the beautiful air conditioning of the great indoors!


Winter is another great time to enjoy Scottsdale with mild weather and fewer crowds. You may not be able to go full bikini at a pool party, but you won’t sweat off all of your makeup as you take on the day!


Spring is the iconic time to visit Scottsdale. The weather is perfect. You get to escape winter. There are events galore. But, that also comes with the biggest crowds of the year and the most competitive reservations. So, get them all in (accommodations, food, activities) much earlier than you think!

scottsdale bachelorette

What kind of accommodations do you want?

During a bachelorette weekend, a girl’s gotta eat, drink, dance, and sleep. When it comes to the ladder, there are tons of fantastic options for Scottsdale accommodations.

Vacation Rental

For a large group that wants to bunk up in one place, Scottsdale vacation rentals will not disappoint. We recommend checking out REBL Rentals for luxury rentals filled with all the amenities you could need. Of course, you’ll have a beautiful home to enjoy, but the cherry on top will always be having the chance for a private pool, BBQ, and other memory-makers. With vacation homes like these, staying in for a pool afternoon will feel just as special as heading to Old Town for some fun.


Hotels may be the way to go if you want to stay in the thick of the Old Town fun. One Scottsdale hotel to consider is the Saguaro. This vibrant hotel has a super trendy and bright atmosphere for stylish group photos – especially with watermelon slushies in hand. And with one relaxing pool and one party pool, you can have a choose-your-own-adventure pool afternoon! 

Scottsdale bachelorette

What kind of Old Town experience do you want to take on?

When it comes to tailoring your weekend to your style of fun, Scottsdale is a total chameleon. Here are just a few of the vibes that Old Town Scottsdale day and nightlife can accommodate!

A Luxury Experience

If you want to experience the finer things in life, you don’t need to travel to Vegas or LA – Scottsdale has an abundance of elegant experiences right in Old Town. Want an A-lister-style club with gorgeous bottle service and the most fabulous bathrooms in town? Shade Lounge will impress you. Looking for a cocktail that is more art than drink? Try something from Beverly on Main. And for a beautiful splurge meal, Toca Madera will keep you entertained. There are so many options for pulling out your best heels and enjoying a night of glam. 

A classically wild night

While some people deviate a little, most groups come to Scottsdale for the classic wild night out. It’s no secret that people come here to party – and it’s evident on every major street in Old Town. As a result, there is no shortage of great bars to explore, filled with fun activities, live music, cold drinks and cute people. 

A casual and laid-back afternoon 

Need a break from the fast-paced party? It’s easy to enjoy some easy, laidback spots for a slower afternoon. From breweries to distilleries, there are several spots to sit back, take in air conditioning and just enjoy a good conversation with people you love. 

scottsdale bachelorette party bike

What is your splurge experience?

Every successful Scottsdale bachelorette weekend needs an x-factor. For the mems, you know? It’s worth adding a little more to the budget to try something new and exciting together, whether it’s an adventure or a special event to celebrate the bride. 

Spa Day

Both inside Old Town and in the beautiful desert outskirts of the city, you’ll find beautiful day spas perfect for a pampering moment. Book a facial, massage and pool lounge to recover from a wild night out!

Bar Crawl

Take your bar crawl to the next level with Arizona Party Bike. We promise: if you don’t book a party bike, you’ll be a little bitter when you see all of the other bachelorette groups having the time of their lives as they pedal past. 

Celebration Dinner

Sometimes, it’s all about the food. If the bride is a foodie and requires a beautiful meal to celebrate with friends, there are so many delectable restaurants that serve experiences as well as they serve dishes. 

Where do you want or need extra help?

We ALL get by with a little help from our friends. But what if our friends are all drunk? Friends-for-hire (re: party planners) can be a saving grace when you want a picture-perfect bachelorette weekend without needing to plan for months.


There’s nothing better than rolling up to a beautiful vacation rental, opening the fridge, and seeing shelves full of your favorite snacks, meals, and sips. A party planner can stock your pantry and fridge, so you don’t need to worry about a thing other than what you want to snack on.


There is something about a balloon arch, custom T-shirts and matching fanny packs that upgrade a girl’s weekend to a full-blown bachelorette party. To skip the stress of shipping a bunch of merch, leave the decorations and bach gear to a party planner who can have it ready for you when you arrive at your rental!


We want you to have fun during your Scottsdale bachelorette party no matter when you visit. So if you ever feel clueless about how to plan your last fling before the ring, check out our free Scottsdale bachelorette party guide! It’s full of itineraries, games, and best of all, VIP discounts from local companies.