Where are you resting your pretty head during your Scottsdale Bachelorette weekend? There are tons of great places to stay in Scottsdale, and it’s pretty important to choose the right one. You may be here for some Scottsdale Bachelorette fun, but a place to lounge, get a good night’s sleep, and bond with your bach crew is what will make Scottsdale feel like home. 

We know that every bachelorette group has different expectations, desires, and objectives for their weekend, from spa-like luxury to an endless party to adventurous outdoor fun. But no matter what you’re looking for, there are awesome places to stay in Scottsdale that will fit your bachelorette group vibe. 

Here are our favorite places to stay in Scottsdale that are perfect for a bachelorette weekend!

Rebl Rentals

Airbnb who? With all of the headaches that accompany the house-renting app, it can be stressful to not know exactly what you’re getting when you book. That’s where Rebl Rentals come in! This luxury vacation house rental company will match you with your ideal rental and you can rest assured knowing that you are getting what you pay for. Want a private pool? No problem. Looking in a specific area? Rebl Rentals knows the popular spots. Want to rent a straight-up mansion? You bet. You can get all the benefits of enjoying a private home without the risks that come with a home-renting app. Best of all the worlds!

Best Places to Stay in Scottsdale for Bachelorette Party

The Saguaro

If we talk about The Saguaro a little bit too much, it’s just because we’ve fallen deeply in love with the vibe of this conveniently located boutique hotel. There are multiple pools to lounge at (one for parties, one for relaxation), delicious frosted drinks, adorable rooms, bright and trendy decor… the list goes on. We love how the hotel is inches away from Old Town fun, and how they partner with wonderful local companies to make their hotel packages. Want to spend the weekend lounging on the hotel embodiment of a ray of sunshine? The Saguaro’s the one for you.

Aloft Scottsdale

Are you ballin’ on a budget, and want to find a no-nonsense place to stay that’s still smack-dab in the middle of all the action? Aloft Scottsdale is the spot for your bachelorette group. You’ll save money on lodging, and not to mention the money you’ll save being walking distance to Scottsdale hotspots! There is a bar and lounge for convenient pregaming and a pool for easy lounging. Save without sacrificing location or the benefits of great lodging!

Old Town Scottsdale Hotels for Bachelorette

The W Hotel

If you want to live IN the party, The W Hotel will not disappoint. The W Hotel is known to host the best party in the city, from extravagant clubbing to a sexy weekend pool party. If there was a place to make an A-list celeb sighting in Scottsdale, it’s here. You’ll get luxurious amenities at every turn, and with the opportunity for bottle service, luxury suites, and private cabana rentals, it’s the perfect chance to live your best VIP life. 

Best Hotels for Scottsdale Bachelorette

The Omni

Are you looking for the ultimate splurge, in all of its luxurious, royalty-worthy glory? The Omni Scottsdale is a haven nestled in the Sonoran desert – so your bachelorette group will feel like the queens of the desert oasis. If you want to escape the craziness of Old Town Scottsdale, The Omni will curate a perfect upscale, spa-tastic schedule for you and your bachelorette crew. Ready to be treated like royalty? Lavish pools, jaw-dropping desert sunsets, impeccable food, and endless opportunities for comfort and luxury call your name. 

Want to live like a queen but save like a boss? Download our Bach weekend guide to get the insider tips and tricks to booking accommodations for your Scottsdale bachelorette weekend!