There’s no stopping a maid of honor with her eyes on the prize.

But, nobody’s perfect, especially if this is her first Scottsdale bachelorette party rodeo. 

There are some silly little mistakes that can add inconvenience or frustration to your weekend! Whether it’s silly transportation mishaps or choosing the wrong activities, little inconveniences add up, especially when you have precious few days to celebrate. 

We want you to avoid these at all costs so you can have the best Scottsdale bachelorette weekend from start to finish. 

So, here are common mistakes people make when planning a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend!

bachelorette party mistakes

Planning outside activities for midday summer

One of the best things about Scottsdale is you never need a parka to hang out outside! The beauty of Scottsdale is the ability to enjoy summer activities when other places around the country are covered in snow! 

The flip side of that, however, is that the summer is incredibly hot. Locals are either used to the weather or know to take it easy and find some relief from the sun during the heat of the afternoon. 

But if you’re a newbie to the Arizona heat, don’t assume you can have tons of outdoor fun without some breaks! If you have hikes or workouts on your summer Scottsdale Bachelorette party itinerary, make sure you schedule them for early in the morning. And when you are out and about in the afternoon, mix it up with cool rooms, dips in the pool, and breaks from the sun! 

mistakes you can make during a bachelorette party

Going too hard the first night

Yes – you are here to party. And we are here to deliver the party. But one of the most common rookie mistakes we see is bach groups overdoing it the first night and then feeling kind of gross for the rest of the trip.

Pacing is the key to a perfect Scottsdale bachelorette party weekend. We promise you can still go hard at all of our awesome bars without going TOO hard. 

And if you DO happen to go too hard the first night, never fear – all is not lost. Regenerate IV specializes in the perfect hangover cure that can be delivered right to your hotel or vacation home. 

bachelorette party mistakes to make

Booking your dream activities/rentals/restaurants too late

From work responsibilities to doctor’s office visits, there are a lot of things that are fun to procrastinate. But planning your Scottsdale bachelorette party does not fall on that list. 

Especially during the busy season, thousands of tourists, event attendees, and fun lovers travel from all over to enjoy the accommodations, food, and activities we have in our town, so things can book up even months in advance.

The earlier you get your bookings and reservations in for the popular Scottsdale activities the easier your life will be during the party. If you’re not so sure what kind of booking timeline you should be using, we have laid out exactly when you should start planning your Scottsdale bachelorette party

Bacheloretts on the Party Bike

Not taking advantage of the activities that make Scottsdale “Bachelorette Party Central”

Scottsdale has a lot to offer and it would be a shame to not take advantage of every party opportunity. From the wild pool parties to the endless nightlife party scene, you have a long list of fun to choose from. 

One of the iconic activities that all bachelorette groups love is Arizona Party Bike. It has all of the ingredients to make an amazing day or night out: great drinks, blasting music, optional costumes, and a grand public entrance. What more do you need?

Expecting Ubers to show up immediately

If you have a party booking, dinner reservation, or anything else that requires you to be on time, don’t try to grab an Uber at the last minute. Scottsdale is notorious for Uber troubles, from late arrivals to difficult-to-find rides, order your Ubers very early to avoid the last-minute stress. 

The last thing you want is to miss your event because your ride is 20 minutes later than expected. Especially if you need multiple Ubers to get your whole group around, coordinate early! 

bachelorette weekend mistakes

Not planning enough downtime

Yes, there are tons of activities to fit into just a few days of Scottsdale bachelorette party bliss. But some of the best memories you make will be the ones you have just hanging with your crew! 

If you are coming from out of town, chances are you nailed down an awesome Scottsdale accommodation perfect for a bachelorette party. Don’t squander the opportunity by not enjoying the digs! Whether you have a vacation rental with a beautiful backyard or a luxurious hotel with your pick of pools, downtime is bonding time. 

If you do have a vacation rental, you can upgrade the experience to new levels with awesome services perfect for a bachelorette weekend! From private chefs to cute pool boys, there are tons of special additions you can book to make your afternoon one of the most exciting activities you take on. 


With this breakdown of potential annoying mistakes you could make, you can plan your Scottsdale bachelorette celebration with confidence. Party like a rockstar and save like a boss. Get exclusive deals, games, and guides in our Bachelorette party guide on tons of Scottsdale activities and restaurants!