Fun fact about Scottsdale – it’s hot. Like, mascara dripping down your face hot. There are many ways to beat the heat, but the most fun by far is a good ol’ fashioned Scottsdale pool party. Your bachelorette party itinerary probably already has this at the top of your list, but choosing the right pool party for your bachelorette group can make or break the day. Pool parties in Scottsdale each have different general vibes, reputations, rules, schedules, and music. Check out the list to learn about the best pool parties in Scottsdale and choose the best one for your bachelorette weekend!

But first…

5 Tips for a Scottsdale pool party

Scottsdale Pool Party Snacks

Don’t show up starving

While Scottsdale pool parties are known for a day full of music, dancing, and fun, they are not known for the most attentive of customer service. Especially on busy days, it may be hard to get the attention of staff, and food/drinks may take a while. While you can’t bring your own, we recommend showing up with food (and perhaps your first couple drinks) in your stomach. That way you don’t feel desperate to head straight for food that may take a while to get to you. Skip the hangry phase and get straight to the fun!

If you want a homebase (or shade), get there early

At some Scottsdale pool parties, finding shade or a chair is like finding the entrance to Narnia. Get there early to increase your chances of finding a chill area for you and our bach crew. If you want to claim space without the wait, you may need to shell out some bills to reserve lounge chairs or a cabana. 

Arizona Pool Party in Scottsdale

Each pool party has a specific vibe, so know what you’re getting into

From music to age range, each pool party tends to have a unique reputation. Don’t show up to the Maya Day + Nightclub expecting to be able to lounge or relax. On the flip side, don’t assume you will find a jam-packed-make-it-rain rager at the Saguaro. Don’t worry – this blog post will walk you through which Scottsdale pools need a poolside read, and which warrants bottle service.

Take the dress code seriously

We’ll probably say this a couple times for the people in the back. The most common Scottsdale pool party foul we see is someone in the group shows up out of the dress code and is turned away. It is an immediate buzzkill and can ruin logistics if they don’t have an alternate set of clothes. Skip the drama, and read the rules so everyone gets in without an issue. 

Bachelorette Pool Party Tips: Wear Sunscreen!

Say it with me now… 3… 2…1… SUNSCREEN

Do you want wrinkles? Do you want to deal with a painful sunburn when you are trying to have a good time later? Do you want to look like a freshly picked tomato? No. Girls, the sun here is HOT. Do not forget to apply sunscreen before and throughout the party. Set alarms if your party brain needs the extra reminder. Don’t let your meticulous skincare routine go down the drain with one afternoon of fun!

The Best Scottsdale Pool Parties

Any Pool Party with the Scottsdale Cabana Boys

Are you staying at a house that already has a pool? Turn a standard sun-soak into your personal pool party with Scottsdale Cabana Boys. You can hire a hottie to fill your drinks, keep the pool area tidy, take pictures, help with party games, flirt with your bachelorette group, and be a hype man for the afternoon.

Release Pool Party

Best Pool Parties in Scottsdale

If you like to plan your vacations around specific DJ sets, a Release pool party is probably your speed. The Release pool party has hosts DJ’s like Steve Aoki, Galantis, Kaskade, Matoma, and Diplo, so you know they are a real-deal venue. There is also a good mix of some smaller names that may just become your next favorite sound. Depending on the day and event, this pool party can be all about the beats. So If you’re looking for a concert where you can wear a bikini, this is a great option. If you want poolside chats and activities.

Make sure to check the setlist in advance to know who’s showing up – that will definitely change the price, the ease of getting a ticket, and the craziness level of the party. Cabanas are available for rental for those who want to ball out and have a little space to claim!


Perched on the second level of the Marriott hotel, Wet offers an elevated Scottsdale pool party experience. It boasts a variety of vibes to embody from chill lounge chairs and snacks to cold drinks and dancing to house DJs. Wet offers pool parties open to the public Friday through Sunday, so it’s one of the couple pools that gets the party started on a Friday. The party has various lounge options, most of which are available for reservation.

One caveat to be aware of – technically hotel stayers under 21 are allowed to be at the pool party with a guardian present, so there may be little ones running around. If that’s not the look you’re going for, you may want to choose a party that is strictly 21+. 

The Saguaro

Best Places for A Scottsdale Pool Party

Frozen watermelon slushies? I think yes. The Saguaro may not be known for their ragers, but they are renowned for delicious drinks and gorgeous pool-side aesthetics. The bright pop of yellow, deep green grass, and 60’s mod design is the perfect backdrop for all your poolside bachelorette photoshoots. And just because it isn’t the wildest party in scottsdale doesn’t mean it’s not a great party – the Saguaro has 2 different pools to appease their guests – one for relaxation and one for a more rambunctious time. You can decide what’s best for you, or flip-flop between the two!

If you need another reason to visit the saguaro, here it is. They have a bachelorette weekend package so you can minimize the planning and maximize the enjoyment. If you and your group stays at the Saguaro for at least 2 nights, they will help with the party planning, dinner, and everyone gets a free watermelon slushie!

Maya Day and Nightclub

Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas in Scottsdale AZ

Maya Day and Nightclub has been coined “The biggest Vegas-style pool party in Arizona” and they definitely try to live up to that reputation every weekend. Maya offers a Scottsdale pool party that is the extrovert’s dream. A true day party experience, from popped champagne bottles to packed pools to bright blue fish bowls to sip on. This is the ‘party never stops’ atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re at college again. 

With the regular big-name DJs and gorgeous party goers, there is always something to look at.  If there is ever a time to loosen up and let your freak flag fly, it’s at this Arizona pool party. 

Fairmont Princess

Feel like a princess at Fairmont Princess. Fairmont Princess doesn’t host iconic pool parties, but it has an iconic poolside atmosphere to make up for it. There are six expansive pools to choose from, and no shortage of space to luxuriously lounge in. And don’t worry – there is an adults-only pool area. 

 It’s true other Scottsdale pool parties party harder, but they can be so crowded there’s a constant threat of getting elbowed in the face. At Fairmont Princess, bask in the sun with your girls – you have the room to stretch out. 

Oh Pool.

Arizona Pool Party Tips & Ideas

Open Saturday and Sunday to the public, the Oh Pool is sleek, modern, and sophisticated. There are DJs bumping relaxed beats, and cool drinks and snack fare to enjoy. This pool is a great option for when your group is close to party-ed out, but still wants to enjoy the Scottsdale sun. With tons of shade, lounge chairs and cabanas to reserve, and hot tubs, it’s the perfect place to recuperate after a big night out. 

Read the room! Because of the relaxed, mature ambiance of this pool party, it can attract an older crowd. This is a great thing if you’re looking for laid back, and a not-so-great thing if you want to be loud and take body shots with a large group of twenty-somethings. 


Especially in the Scottsdale summer sun, a pool party can save your skins. Just be sure to choose a pool that matches the personality of your group! But pool parties are just a small part of a great bachelorette party weekend. Plan the rest of your party with the Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Guide!