Non-believers will say it can’t be done. You can’t plan the perfect Scottsdale bachelorette party weekend. But we are here to tell you that it is possible, and we’ve done it. 

The perfect Scottsdale bachelorette party has excitement, intrigue, and bonding. You explore the Sonoran desert, enjoy a gorgeous hotel or vacation rental, and, of course, paint Old Town red. But how do you fit in all that fun in a few short days?

Here is our hour-by-hour game plan for an epic Scottsdale bachelorette party from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. 

And if you’re looking for other themed itineraries, make sure to check out our free guide to planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party!


10:00 am: Roll (or fly) into Sunny Scottsdale. If you flew with your group, be sure to check out Top Notch Transportation for a big van pickup so you don’t need to worry about Ubers!

11:00 am: Arrive at your abode for the weekend. If you need some recommendations, you can check out these Scottsdale accommodations for a queen!

12:00 pm: Take the hour to freshen up, tour your temporary home, and catch up with your group.

1:00 pm: This is where some prep comes in – by hiring a party planner, you have a stocked fridge, cool drinks, and decorations all ready for you at your accommodations. There are tons of amazing party planners in Scottsdale that are happy to get your digs set up before you even step through the front door. Find a spot next to the pool and enjoy an easy lunch at your rental!

3:00 pm: Now that everyone’s full and happy, it’s time to hit Old Town! Hop on the Scottsdale Wine Trail and get to know the area with a glass of wine in your hand. 

4:00 pm: If you’re not quite done having some Old Town fun, grab a creative happy hour cocktail at Blue Clover Distillery

5:00 pm: Head back to your rental and luxuriate with your girls by the pool. You can even hire some eye candy from Scottsdale Cabana Boys to hang out with you by the pool! You need to rest up for the rest of the weekend, so take it easy while you can. 

6:00 pm: Now the real fun begins. Break out the handy drinks the event planner laid out for you and get going with some drinking games!

7:00 pm: Ding dong – your private chef is here! Whether you go for an interactive cooking class or lounge on the patio while your private chef does their thing, you’ll have some of the best food in Scottsdale without needing to leave your vacation rental. 

8:00 pm: Enjoy the fruits of your private chef’s labor, from tapas to a full multiple-course meal! You will all be best friends by the end of dinner. 

9:00 pm: Plates are cleared, the kitchen is clean, now is the time to bust out the silly bachelorette games, more drinks, and make sure everyone in your group gets reeeaallllyy comfortable with each other for the rest of the weekend.

12:00 am: Bedtime! Make sure you have enough gas in the tank to take on the next day that we have planned for you.

Saturday:Scottsdale Bachelorette Montauk-26

9:00 am: You and your girls head out to a classic Scottsdale brunch to kick off the big day right. From mimosas at The Montauk to the giant plates at RnR Gastropub, you will definitely be set until lunch.

10:00 am: Time to head out into the desert for a couple of hours of dusty, dirty adventure. Join Stellar Adventures for a morning of ATVing through the Sonoran Desert!

Scottsdale Bachelorette Stellar Adventures

1:00 pm: Arrive back in Old Town just in time to grab food before hanger strikes. You can go straight to Brat Haus for an easy and delicious lunch you don’t need to dress up for. Sit on the benches outside and do some dog watching while enjoying a cold beer and hot brat!

2:00 pm: Head back to the vacation rental to get ready to pool party. Grab your best bikinis, current cover-ups, and extra sunscreen, because Maya Day + Night Club is the ultimate spot to make some new friends and get your flirt on.

4:00 pm: Arrive at Maya Day + Night Club! From giant fishbowls to pool games, you’ll have a blast wading in the water, making new friends, playing drinking games, and soaking up the sun.

6:00 pm: Now that you’re sun-kissed and getting hungry, it’s time to roll out and head back to the rental to get ready for the evening!

8:00 pm: Your group is looking cute and building up a huge appetite. Time to go into Old Town for the big celebratory dinner and drinks well into the night! From Toca Madera to The Mission to SumoMaya, there is a long list of amazing Scottsdale restaurants perfect for bachelorette party cheers

9:00 pm: You’re well-fed, looking good, and ready to party. Now is time to hop on the pinnacle of the bachelorette weekend – Arizona Party Bike! Play some pedal-and-drink games, jam out to some tunes, sip your favorite drinks, and hit up the best Scottsdale bars in style on this 15-person party machine. 

Scottsdale Bachelorette AZPB

12:00 am: Still standing? Time to after-party at more spots! Explore the scene at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row or make your way to the dance floors at The Bottled Blonde, you can close out the bars with the rest of the fun-lovers. 

2:00 am: Make it safely back to your vacation rental. Whether you still have some giggles to get out or holding some hair back, you survived Scottsdale Nightlife!

Sunday:Scottsdale Bachelorette Regenerate IV

10:00 am: Roll out of bed and rally the troops for your last tromp around Scottsdale. Some may be feeling rough – but good thing you prepared for this. Regenerate IV is here to save the day! This door-to-door IV service will pump the good, hydrating nutrients in everyone’s veins so you can all expedite the 3-day hangover into a couple of easy hours. PLUS – Use code ScottsdaleBach to receive a Free shot of Toradol or Zofran with your vitamin IV! Toradol helps alleviate headache pain and Zofran helps alleviate nausea.

11:00 am: Now that everyone is feeling a lot closer to normal, cross the finish line with one last amazing Scottsdale brunch. Enjoy the hair of the dog (if you can stomach it) in the form of a good bloody mary and get the best of the best breakfast food at Butter’s Pancakes and Cafe (I mean – it’s right there in the name.). Cheers to your girls for a weekend well-spent celebrating the bride-to-be!

12:00 pm: Top Notch Transportation is back in action to take your weary but happy group back to the airport, or make your drive back to your homes. Congratulations on finishing the best Scottsdale bachelorette weekend game plan!

We love this weekend format for a little mix of every Scottsdale bachelorette party vibe, from luxury to wild to relaxed! If you’re planning a themed weekend, save yourself the organization headache and download our bach weekend itinerary. We offer detailed weekend guides for rowdy, relaxing, or adventurous vibes. Not to mention some VIP deals and discounts to match!