We are not vampires. We aren’t afraid of a little garlic, the only blood we drink ends with “-y mary” and we won’t shrivel up in the sun. All this to say, we don’t need to plan a bachelorette party that only starts once the sun is down. Especially a Scottsdale bachelorette party where most of the fun happens under the sun. You’re not here to sit in the corner twiddling your thumbs until the clubs open – so take advantage of all the bachelorette daytime activities at your fingertips!

Bachelorette Party Weekend in Scottsdale

From day-drinking to spas to day-drinking to outdoor adventures to day-drinking, Scottsdale daytime activities are sure to meet the demands of even the most varied of bachelorette group personalities. If you are a go-go-go group that wants to make every second count, we have activities to fill up your itinerary. If you want to lay low and save your energy levels for a great night out, there are great relaxing options that are still tons of fun. We love don’t believe in a one-size-fits-most mindset – bachelorette daytime activities should be customized to the group personality. That maximizes the bachelorette party fun, and we love to see it.

As Seventeen Magazine always said, you need a look that will take you from day-to-night. These daytime bachelorette activities are that look. 

Squeeze some cardio in on a Scottsdale Party Bike

Scottsdale Bachelorette Party on the Party Bike

If you don’t hop on a party bike tour, was it even a bachelorette party? Find your inner “Woo Girl” on this classic bachelorette daytime activity. The local favorite, Arizona Party Bike, can book tours anywhere from a few close friends to 165-person events. So, it’s perfect for the intimate weekend, and for the bride who had to have her bridal party include 62 of her closest friends. 

When you book a private tour, we recommend you bring your own custom playlist to get the day party started, and hey – if you want to decorate the party bike, that’s your opportunity to be a little extra. Most Arizona Party bike tours will take you through Scottsdale party central – Old Town. Arizona Party bikes are the perfect way to get a quick introduction to Old Town, so you have your bearings if you want to go back for your evening shenanigans.

Quick Bachelorette Party Tip:

The best advice we can give you for a smooth party bike experience is to buy your drinks from Arizona Party bikes ahead of time. No sprinting to a gas station minutes before the bike leaves, no depending on expensive bar drinks to fully loosen up. Arizona Party Bike will sell you drinks in bulk at a reasonable price including ice, cups, and cooler. Pedal party on. Excellent.

Enjoy a Bachelorette Spa Morning

Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Spa Day

Start the day fresh and glowing to set you up for the night! A quick (or long) facial or massage can do just the trick in setting you up for success for the night (or help you recover from the night before). 

Scottsdale spas like Well & Being Spa, Joya Spa, and Sanctuary Spas are great options for bachelorette groups who want a classic, luxurious spa experience. Keep in mind – some of the best Scottsdale spas are connected to some of the best Scottsdale hotels – that means amenities galore! Many of the Scottsdale hotel-spas include access into hotel gyms, fitness classes, adults-only pools, cabanas, and more. Make sure to get your money’s worth and take advantage of all the relaxation these spas have to offer!

Quick Bachelorette Party Tip:

Group specials will be your wallet’s saving grace! Many of our spas offer special additions saved for groups just like your bachelorette gang! For example, when groups of 5+ book a spa treatment at Fairmont Spa, your spa day is upgraded to a Spa’rty! AN event planner will make all the arrangements including a complimentary spa lunch, table reservations, special occasion sign announcing your group, and a special retail party gift for all.

Carbo-load at a mid-morning brunch

Wake up and smell the eggs and bacon. Scottsdale is home to some of the best brunch spots in Arizona and no, you’re not going to want to share. To give your body the nutrition (or the cheesy hash browns) it deserves.

Hash Kitchen

We have 3 words for you. Bloody. Mary. Bar. Actually, we have 2 more. Mimosa. Flights. 

Whatever your brunch drink of choice is, the Hash kitchen will present it to you in the most creative of ways. On top of that, the Hash kitchen has an option for everyone from scrambles to benedicts. Sweet-tooth sweeties (and their IG Feeds) will love the lucky charms french toast. And everything is huge – why choose between quality and quantity when you can have both?

Quick Bachelorette Party Tip:

If you’re feelin’ frisky during brunch, the Hash House serves a white claw disco ball that will start the day off right. *Early 2000’s cereal commercial voice:* The mango white claw disco ball is part of a balanced breakfast. Check out our full list of the best Scottsdale brunches here.


After a morning of massages and bacon, you will probably want to get the blood pumping and amp up for the rest of the day. Or take a 4-hour nap. We suggest the former because there are endless bachelorette day activities that will be the highlight of your weekend. 

Get Your Adrenaline Fix with a Midday Adventure

Daytime Bachelorette Party Activities in Scottsdale

Once you’ve given yourself a sec to digest, it’s time to hop on some large machinery. We have no idea what an M1009 Blazer is, but we already know we want to try it. From ATVs to Hummers to “shooting adventures”, show the world you can be a badass with a bride sash.

Quick Bachelorette Party Tip:

If you download our Scottsdale bachelorette weekend guide, there may or may not be (but definitely are) some great deals and specials to take advantage of with these bachelorette day activities. But we won’t give away the secret here! (There are most definitely tour discounts in the guide)

Get your Tan On At A Scottsdale Pool Party

Bachelorette Daytime Activities: Pool Party!

Time to get that sarong and floppy hay out of the back of your closet – Scottsdale pool parties take it to the next level. There are tons of Scottsdale pool parties to choose from, and all of them have their strengths. 

Maya Day + Nightclub

For a party that literally never stops, check out the Maya Day + Night Club. This pool party is jam-packed with beautiful people, beautiful weather and beautiful drinks. Dive into a blue fishbowl bevy and find a cute floatie to pose with because you’re going to need the pictures to remember this party.

Quick Bachelorette Party Tip:

Many of these pool parties have dress codes to be aware of. Before you make the drive down, double-check your group’s attire fits the bill to avoid not getting in. For example, the Maya day club requires swimwear – not shorts, not T-shirts! If you don’t want to get stuck trying to reason with a bouncer, make sure to check the rules before-hand.

Enjoy a Relaxing Afternoon Winery Experience

While some want the party to commence from the day into the night, others may appreciate a few hours of fine wine and great conversation. A Scottsdale winery outing is the perfect bachelorette day activity for those who want a little downtime while still taking advantage of the bachelorette weekend. Discuss Scottsdale wine over quality glasses of… Scottsdale wine. Wineries like Merkin Vineyards and Carlson Creek Winery offer amazing pours with the tasting room aesthetics to match. Mmmm… yes. We’re tasting a full-bodied afternoon, that starts with relaxing undertones and an incredibly classy aftertaste.

Quick Bachelorette Party Tip:

If you and your group are true oenophiles who want to taste all the best Scottsdale wineries, consider buying the Scottsdale Wine Trail Passport. Passport holders receive $2.00 off a 5-wine tasting at wineries on the passport list & a Scottsdale Wine Trail commemorative wine glass. 


Save the lounging and sleeping in for another weekend. There are so many bachelorette day activities to try, and we’re sure you’ll be glad you prepped a party that takes you from day to night.

Party like a rockstar and plan like a boss. Get exclusive deals on day and night activities in our FREE bachelorette party guide!