Pinterest: the not-so-secret key to party planning. 

Planning a bachelorette party? You’ve probably been spending a ton of time on Pinterest. We all know that Pinterest is home to millions of ideas for your bachelorette party, from creative party themes to the tiniest adorable details. You can surf ideas that you didn’t even know you needed, from adding edible flowers to the ice of your champagne bed to creating a breakfast grazing board. You can spend hours, days, and years searching through the content to find the list of ideas you want to tackle for your party. But if you start in the right places, you will find all of the trendiest ideas and save your butt a ton of time. 

Some people and companies have dedicated a lot of their time to search for and curate awesome Pinterest content so you don’t have to. You can peruse libraries of party snacks, photo backdrops, and penis-shaped anythings without ever needing to start a search from scratch.

Here are our favorite Pinterest boards and pages that have tons of the best bachelorette party planning ideas! 

Scottsdale Bach

Bachelorette Party Ideas Pinterest: Scottsdale Bach

Hello, of course, we are going to put our Pinterest page on the line-up – we love our ideas. With boards spanning from navigating Scottsdale to our favorite bachelorette party drinks to bachelorette party tips every maid-of-honor should know, our Pinterest bachelorette info can save you headaches and seriously get the party started.

We post all of our favorite blog posts, bar partners, party tips, and of course give you the details on how to get VIP deals on your Scottsdale bachelorette party. 

Pinterest page vibes:

Spans the board from relaxed to rowdy! Offers a ton of Scottsdale-specific info but has some great general ideas as well.

Our favorite bachelorette party pins on this page:

A very important “morning after” tip

A breakdown of the best Scottsdale pool parties for a bachelorette weekend

5 services you didn’t know you needed for a bachelorette party

The Knot

Pinterest Bachelorette Party: The Knot

You know The Knot for all things wedding, so of course, they have some great ideas on the *real* big day (the bachelorette party). Their Pinterest board dedicated to bridal parties and bachelorette parties serve some mature realness that adds a little class to your wild weekend. The ideas are just cute and creative enough to be interchangeable for bridal and bachelorette parties, especially if you want to stay in the aesthetic and more toned-down realm of partying. 

Pinterest board vibes:

Mature, versatile, adorable details to make your celebration memorable. 

Our favorite bachelorette party pins on this board:

31 Cute and Affordable Bachelorette Party Favors

Beach Bachelorette Bathing Suits

These scary-good Halloween-themed bachelorette party ideas

Bach to Basic

Bachelorette Party Ideas on Pinterest: Bach to Basic

The Bach to Basic Pinterest page embodies the bright, exciting, colorful, photogenic celebration that so many people strive for. Think decorative balloon art, shades of pink, and living-for-the-photoshoot bliss. They’ll depict bach parties that believe in “go big or go home.” You will find one or two ideas that are the perfect splurge activity or party favor to take your bachelorette party to the next level.

Pinterest page vibes:

Big parties. Big colors. Big vibes. These are the bachelorette party ideas that reinforce the joke about the bachelorette party being more important than the wedding. 

Our favorite bachelorette party pins on this page:

This whimsical wine bar

This epic photoshoot backdrop

These bachelorette outfits

Stag & Hen

Bachelorette Party Decorations on Pinterest: Stag & Hen

Whether you call it a bachelorette party or a hen-do, you’ll find thousands of fun celebration ideas on the Stag & Hen Pinterest page. They have you covered on any games, party favors, accessories, or outfits that scream bachelorette party. Find printable scavenger hunts and “drink if” games, cute one-liners to use for IG captions, and (cute?) penises everywhere. 

Pinterest page vibes: 

Your classic textbook bachelorette party with tons of cheeky party accessories and props. This Pinterest page focuses more on what you can buy than what you can do. 

Our favorite bachelorette party pins on this page:

This cowgirl-themed game set

This Jenga game with a bach-y twist

This cute fanny pack


Bachelorette Party Shirts: Brides on Pinterest

The Brides bachelorette Pinterest board answers every question you may have about planning a bachelorette party. From blog posts that cover bachelorette party planning 101 to cute matching robes to adorable themed cookie ideas, Brides covers the board on the yoga-inspired, spa-tastic, less-rowdy style of bachelorette fun. 

Pinterest board vibes: 

Chill and relaxed bach party planning, cute night-out and night-in outfit ideas, and great tips for a seamless weekend.

Our favorite bachelorette party pins on this board:

Who pays for the bachelorette party?

How to plan a joint bachelor/bachelorette party

This cute night-out outfit for the bride

Wedding Wire

Bachelorette Party Cake Ideas on Pinterest: Wedding Wire

The Wedding Wire bachelorette party board is all about the little details. They cover specifics like the best matching sunglasses to wear together to more general tips like who should be on your invite list for the big bach weekend. These ideas focus on the Instagram-worthy pic ideas and 

Pinterest board vibes: 

A little bit of everything with the focus on small details. It also has some good ideas for specific destination bach parties like Vegas or NOLA.

Our favorite bachelorette party pins on this board:

This Friends pun you can wear out on the town

This cute cookie theme

These magical bach party ideas

The House of Bachelorette

Bachelorette Party Themes on Pinterest: House of Bach

We’ve made it to penis central! From cheeky one-liners you can wear to seriously questionable cupcake toppers, the House of Bachelorette Pinterest page is the end-all-be-all for any funny bachelorette party purchases that’ll make your girls blush. It’s a perfect destination for anyone who wants to plan a cheesy, goofy, same-penis-forever-style bach bash. 

Pinterest page vibes:

Penis… Everything. Stop by this page for affordable party favors that will give your bach crew a good chuckle. 

Our favorite bachelorette party pins on this page:

This penis-shaped anything and everything

This quiz on what party favors you need

This ridiculous hand sanitizer

Enjoy the endless library of ideas, tips, and examples for your bachelorette party! With all of the pins on these Pinterest bachelorette boards and pages, you’re bound to plan an amazing weekend. 

If you’re planning a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend, be sure to download our free guide to a Scottsdale bachelorette party for ideas and VIP deals!