You can’t do a bachelorette weekend without at least one killer brunch. AT LEAST. Once you see the delicious options at your disposal in this surprising foodie town, we’re pretty confident that a good brunch will be a daily necessity. How else are you going to soak up the questionable decisions of the night before? 

We’re hard-pressed to find a Scottsdale brunch that we don’t like, but there are a few renowned spots that have earned a reputation as some of the best brunch in Scottsdale. From sweet stacks of waffles dripping with syrup to a creative twist on your favorite egg dishes, this is not the meal to skimp on – you’ll want the plate (or two or three) all to yourself.

RnR GastroPub

Best Brunch in Scottsdale for Bachelorette Party

We recommend: The endless mimosas and sun-dried scramble

RnR is widely known as the best brunch spot in Scottsdale – so it had to make it on our list. There’s a great reason for its glowing brunch ratings – the weekend morning fare here is GOOD. There’s a list of brunch tacos to choose from and the perfect amount of food options that aren’t overwhelming but have a little something for everyone. And it has a separate menu specifically for brunch cocktails! With keep ‘em coming mimosas and bloodies, what more do you need!

The Montauk

The Montauk Old Town Scottsdale Brunch Cocktails

We recommend: The Beach Bowl

Two words: Mimosa. Punchbowl. Do you need to hear more?

The Montauk is another fan-favorite for a filling Scottsdale brunch. The weekend brunch menu features traditional favorites like breakfast burritos and crepes but also features surprising dishes like house-made potato chips and dip, mac-and-cheese, or prime rib breakfast sandwiches. There’s no need to stick to traditional here. The Montauk understands that your bachelorette group is here to live your best lives – so if you want mac and cheese for brunch, they’re here for you!

True Foods Kitchen

True Food Healthy Brunch in Scottsdale

We Recommend: The Smashed Avocado Toast

Ok – maybe your group has been going a little too hard for too long and is craving something a bit more fresh and healthy to get you through the day. True Foods Kitchen swoops into the rescue with a great weekend brunch! The menu may be small, but it packs a punch. From banana pancakes that sneak in quinoa (!) and scrambles packed full of healing veggies, you will get a healthy meal without sacrificing flavor. 

Butter’s Pancakes & Cafe

Banana Pancake Brunch in Scottsdale

We recommend: The Banana Cream Pancakes

With a name like “Butter’s,” it’s no secret that this place will give you the most decadent, guilty-pleasure-worthy sweet breakfast plates you’ve had. They don’t just serve pancakes – they serve masterpieces. From oreo crumbles to marshmallow spread to vanilla mascarpone, these pancakes will have you saying “syrup who?” And it doesn’t stop at pancakes – if you aren’t into the morning sweets, there is a seemingly endless list of omelets, scrambles, and savory specials to choose from.

Olive & Ivy

Bachelorette Party Brunch Mimosas in Scottsdale

We recommend: The Soft Scrambled Egg Flatbread

If you’re in more of the peach bellini and small bites mood, Olive & Ivy will deliver and then some. With delicate plates mixed in with the more robust dishes, everyone will find what they need. From a sweet pastry and perfect latte mid-morning snack to a list of creative flatbreads to brunch wines, this menu seems dainty but packs a punch.  

Don’t let the fun of Saturday night get the best of you – fight back with a strong Sunday brunch! Want more insider info (and some great specials) for the best restaurants in Scottsdale? Download our Guide to a Scottsdale Bachelorette Weekend here!