Ultimate Scottsdale Nightlife Guide

Some nights warrant staying in, sharing bottles of wine and reminiscing with your closest friends. Some are better spent at a few trendy bars and casual breweries, making new friends and enjoying the scene. And some nights all you want to do is take colorful shots and dance until the sunrise. During a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend, chances are you want all three. 

Each night during a bachelorette weekend has its unique vibe, and in Scottsdale it’s easy to find great options for whatever vibe your bach crew is feeling. 

Experience the best nightlife in Scottsdale for bachelorette parties

To get the most out of Scottsdale nightlife, the first thing to know is which area to take on. And guess what tourists? In Scottsdale, they make it easy by having one major nightlife area to play in – Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town is the no-brainer area option for the best Scottsdale nightlife. With Bars, breweries and dancing peppered down the street, it’s an easy place to get dropped off, and just trust you’ll find some awesome places to visit. Old Town is the go-to nightlife area for locals and visitors alike, so it’s great people-watching and always a good time.

The Best Bars in Scottsdale

Best Bars in Scottsdale, Arizona

The best bars in Scottsdale each have their own flavor and vibe. You can find hole-in-the-wall dives for casual fun, trendy bars and breweries to show off your craft beer knowledge, and a lot of bar/nightclub blends for when you want a little bit of everything.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

Sometimes choices are hard. So when you can’t choose between a restaurant, bar, or nightclub, Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row has your back. A great option for any night of the week, Whiskey Row is known for great food, a casual, welcoming atmosphere, and – this should be obvious – a good amount of country jams. If you want to swing your hips to your fav country artists, Whiskey Row is a great place to start or finish the night.

Arizona Party Bike

Scottsdale Bachelorette Party on the Arizona Party Bike


Don’t want to have to choose (or navigate) between the best bars in Old Town Scottsdale? Hop on an Arizona Party Bike ride! With both private tours and public rides available, you’ll find an amazing time no matter what your group size is. The awesome guide will take you from spot to spot with your favorite music blaring and your favorite beers or ciders in hand. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Maybe the mood of the night is upscale. For beautifully crafted cocktails and gorgeous ambiance, Beverly should be at the top of your list. This comfy speakeasy-style lounge is great for when you want the drinks to be the star of the show. With knowledgeable mixologists taking charge of the libations, you are sure to be impressed by whatever drink you choose. And with cocktail names like Namaste Beaches, Blue Balls, and Pirate Hooker, you’ll always find a cheeky time. 

Best nightlife in Scottsdale, AZ

Wasted Grain

If you’re feeling live music over DJ Jams, your best bet is The Wasted Grain. This bar and lounge has live music performances on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, so you’re more likely to catch a live show than not! This is a great spot to people watch, flirt, find new friends and have a low-key good time.

Social Tap Eatery

Head to a place that will have everything you need from early afternoon to late in the night. The focus at Social Tap has always been scratch-made food, amazing drinks, and a welcoming atmosphere. With large outdoor patios, several local drafts, and over 30 TVs right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, you’ll have a hard time finding reasons to leave.

The Bottled Blond

The Bottled Blonde is an establishment that took on the challenge of mixing a pizza place, beer garden, outdoor vibes, and nightclub – and succeeded. It is a true day-to-night look for groups looking for fun without the stricter rules of some of the other Scottsdale nightclubs. This all-in-one spot is a reasonably priced option and great place to start the night off right.

Quick Bachelorette Tip

Scottsdale Bars = happy hours! Make sure to check out the happy hour times for each bar if your group is feeling thrifty. Stagger your bar visits for the happy hours, and you will get the most bang for your buck. A great example is The Bottled Blond offers ½ off pizza from 3-6 on weekdays – so get that Friday pizza fix early! Because who doesn’t love a good bargain?

The Best Nightclubs in Scottsdale

Best Nightclubs in Scottsdale Arizona

Maya Day & Nightclub

We mention the Maya Day + Nightclub in our Awesome Scottsdale Day Activities blog, and the title is a spoiler alert: it’s a nightclub as well. This club is popular for locals who need to let their hair down for a night of dancing and vegas-style fun. 

If you want a night of spectacle, the Maya goes all out. From dance floor shows to dancers hanging from the rafters, it’s not just a dance club – it’s a performance.

The District

The District stays true to its name because the second you walk in you have all you could ever want. Music. Dancing. Bars. Burgers. What more do you need to fill your night? This laid-back club plays pop and rock n’ roll, so you’re sure to hear a couple of songs to sing (shout) along to. 

This club is centrally located and in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale Nightlife, so it’s a great option for those who want to hit up a handful of places with the least logistical planning possible. As long as you are in the area, there is fun to be had and The District will always be there!

Best Clubs in Scottsdale AZ

Paris in Scottsdale

Grab your salsa shoes – Scottsdale’s hottest club is Paris in Scottsdale. This club has everything you need to celebrate your beautiful bride-to-be – great drinks, amazing dance music, and gorgeous people to flirt with along the way. We like this club because it takes a few steps away from the normal house music of other clubs, and bumps Latin and reggaeton music that is impossible not to move your hips to.

The Mint Ultra Lounge

If you’re out for a night of glamour, The Mint Ultra Lounge offers a VIP experience for everyone that enters. Its HUGE dance floor is designed to feel like you just stepped off the red carpet, and it’s always crowded so no nights are duds. The music at the Mint tends to lean towards house and pop music to appease the masses. If you’re really feeling extra, they have a few options to take the night to the next level – like private tables, cabanas, and wine rooms. 

Oh, and did we mention it has a champagne bar in its coed bathroom? Is that necessary? No. Is that the height of luxury? Yes!

Quick Bachelorette Tip

At these Scottsdale nightclubs, the dress code is no joke. They will turn away patrons that aren’t staying within the lines of club attire, so we don’t recommend trying to club wearing sneakers or jeans – it will be an unfortunate party foul to have to drive home and find a change of clothes because the picky bouncer was feeling extra stubborn. These nightclubs are fun, but only if you make it in!

For a relaxing bachelorette night in

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a bachelorette party is wild night you hardly remember. But the nights surrounded by the women who love and support you will be the nights you remember forever. That’s when you grab the fancy wine, yummy takeout and fun bachelorette games to bring out the silly. And if your friends are even a little sentimental, you may need to grab some tissues too. 

Every night in needs wine

Scottsdale Wineries and Wine Tours

If you are planning for a big night in, make sure to hit up some of the best Scottsdale wineries for wine that will please even the sommelier wannabes of the group. Wineries like Merkin Vineyards or Carlson Creek Winery will add some flavor and class to a night of sharing, reminiscing, or “Sculpt the Cucumber into a Penis.”

Best Late-Night Bites in Scottsdale

Best Late-Night Bites in Scottsdale

No night-in is ever complete without some indulgent snacks. Skip the Doritos and take advantage of the local favorites for cheat meals and late-night eats. The creative Super Chunk Sweets and Treats offers jaw-dropping Sweets (and treats) that demand to be noticed. Buy a couple of their signature desserts to share bites, or go for the gold with one of their gorgeous cakes. Because you know what a great reason to buy a full cake is? Cake. Cake is the best reason for cake. 

For my people who would prefer some savory bites over sugar, eat Mr. Mesquite offers some bomb Mexican food well into the night, and if you plan ahead a little they can offer affordable catering for larger bach groups to chow down on. And of course, any night in’s snack food 101 will point you to pizza. Joe’s New York Pizza will save your stomachs until 3:45 am – so even the latest late-night snackers can breathe a sigh of relief. 


We all know the morning after a night out can be brutal, to say the least. Sometimes all you need to kill a hangover is a big brunch. Other times, you need to call for backup. You don’t need to leave your house or hotel to kick a hangover’s ass. Rehydrate after a night of Scottsdale bachelorette festivities with Regenerate IV! They’ll come to the rescue and deliver hangover-killing nutrients to help you quickly forget the consequences of a great night out in Scottsdale. Use code ScottsdaleBach and receive a Free shot of Toradol or Zofran with your vitamin IV! Toradol helps alleviate headache pain and Zofran helps alleviate nausea. 

Whatever night you’re trying to create, there is enough Scottsdale nightlife to go around. If you want to party like a rockstar and plan like a boss. Get exclusive deals on the best Scottsdale nightlife in our FREE bachelorette party guide!