You’re not like other girls. 

I mean, you’re exactly like other girls in the sense that you want to plan an amazing Scottsdale bachelorette party weekend. You just want to do it differently. 

If you want to break out of the mold of a standard bachelorette weekend, you’ve come to the right place. Scottsdale is the up-and-coming most popular bachelorette city in the country, but it still has some tricks up its sleeve to offer a bachelorette party like never before. 

Seems tough? Not when there are so many bachelorette things to do in Scottsdale! Plan the most unique, best bachelorette party Scottsdale has seen with these activity ideas you probably haven’t thought of yet. 

Arizona Party Bike

scottsdale bachelorette party bike

Ok, ok – you have probably thought of this one. It’s at the top of every list for a good reason, so it’s gonna be at the top of ours as well. We love this tour, and we know you will too!

Arizona Party Bike is the pub crawl to end all pub crawls. This 15-person party bike is the perfect stage to show off your matching bach gear, film funny videos, and make new friends as you pedal through Old Town. Your group will have a blast hitting up the coolest bars in Scottsdale, from the ever-popular Boondocks to the live music at Rock Bar. Spending a couple of hours on this bike is the perfect way for your group to bond – we promise everyone will be the best of friends by the end of the tour. 

Is it a secret that this is a great Scottsdale bachelorette party activity? No. But it’s too good to leave out!

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Hot Air Balloon Rides for Scottsdale Bachelorette Party

When will there be another opportunity for you to soar through the skies with all of your besties?

Hot Air Expeditions will get you and your crew to new heights for a breathtaking tour over the Sonoran Desert. This tour is relaxing and exhilarating, with quiet views from thousands of feet in the air. 

We recommend the morning float for those brave enough to wake up before the sun does. That may seem like a feat during your bachelorette weekend, but we promise it is worth it for both your heart and your weekend schedule. You can take in the incredible desert sunrise and land for a delicious brunch to get the rest of your day started. Talk about a wake-up call!

Wonderspaces AZ

Find a moment of culture during your Scottsdale bachelorette party!

Are you a group that appreciates a photoshoot moment? Then don’t sleep on Wonderspaces. 

This trippy museum is perfect for the aesthetic groups that want creative shots to share of your party. You can find colorful shadow dancing, gorgeous light installations, and jaw-dropping art displays that look great from behind a lens. 

Write a note on the “before I die” wall, pose in the rainbow rooms, and become the shadow dancer. This museum always has something awe-inspiring around every corner, so take it in with your bach crew!

Recover with Regenerate IV

Regenerate IV Bachelorette Party

Ok – we’re bound to overdo it a little at least one night during a Scottsdale bachelorette party. 

Luckily, Regenerate IV is here to save you from feeling yucky the rest of the weekend! Their delivery IV system will get all the good nutrients right into your veins to hydrate your body immediately. No 2-day handover – try a 2-hour hangover! Then, get back to your bachelorette shenanigans.

At that point, is it really still “overdoing it”? Or is it just “doing the damn thing”?

Pool Party with Scottsdale Cabana Boys

Scottsdale Cabana Boys Bachelorette Party

Enjoy a day at your pool with a side of sexy.

If you are using a vacation rental with a pool, you now have the perfect excuse to hire a pool boy – Scottsdale Cabana Boys to be precise. These cuties will freshen your drinks, start some pool games, DJ, and tell you that you’re pretty. What else do you need?

These cuties can be hired for any size of a pool party, from small to large! They know just what to do to get the party started – so take your pool party from standard to steamy with Scottsdale Cabana Boys!

Hydro On The Go

Is your skin feeling a little dried out from the desert air? Give it a much-needed drink of water with a hydro dermabrasion facial. 

Hydro On The Go Hydrafacials will come to your rental and pamper your group from the comfort of your home. You can get spa-quality care and glowing skin without ever having to leave your living room! You can book your group a facial, spray tan, or lash extensions to look and feel your best. 

Head out on the town feeling fresh, hydrated, sun-kissed, and sexy! 

Karaoke Party

Sing about how you wanna dance with somebody, your hips don’t lie, and how you’re too sexy for your shirt at Geisha a Go-Go

This is a low-key karaoke spot that won’t judge you for really giving those high notes a shot. Karaoke rooms can be rented for just your group for no rental fee – just a minimum food and beverage charge! But with the delicious sushi and happy hour drinks they have, that won’t be a difficult challenge. 

So start your vocal warmups, choose your song lineup, and unleash your inner Beyonce! 

Sweet Tooth Fix at Super Chunk

Super Chunk Scottsdale AZ: Bachelorette Party Ideas

The perfect bookend to any day is a sweet treat at Super Chunk. This local favorite will fill your sweet tooth craving about 10 times over with giant cookies, creative ice cream, and signature desserts you will dream about for years to come. With flavors like honeycomb, hibiscus, and red wine to elevate the more transitional chocolate and caramel desserts, you will find the perfect intersection of excitingly inventive and dependably delicious. 

There is so much to explore during a Scottsdale bachelorette party, so don’t just scratch the surface! Dive into all that Scottsdale can offer, from popular favorites to hidden gems. Your bach crew will be blown away with these activities. Many of these activities book up fast – so reserve your spot today! 

Party like a rockstar and save like a boss. Get exclusive deals, games, and guides in our Bachelorette party guide on tons of Scottsdale activities and restaurants!