Leave your ring light at home! You won’t need any extra help taking some amazing photos in Scottsdale: one of the most beautiful spots in the West. Cute photos are awesome for spicing up social, and you will be so glad to have some good photos of great friends that you can look back on until you’re all old and grey. 

From colorful murals to gorgeous desert views, Scottsdale is incredibly photogenic. It’s easy to find backdrops that look amazing in photos, but there are specific spots that embody the desert chic lifestyle. 

Take adorable candids with cacti or succulents, or perfectly posed group shots with the best murals in Scottsdale. Either way, you will be glad you captured great moments with your favorite people. 

Arizona Party Bike Wall Mural

If you don’t already have the Arizona Party Bike booked for your bachelorette party, you’ll want to do that ASAP. Not only are you going to have the best time bar crawling through Scottsdale on the party bike, but they recently had a gorgeous wall mural painted right outside the main office where you board the pedal pub. Make sure to use it as a backdrop for your Instagram photos or Tik Toks to showcase the artwork Scottsdale has to offer!

Arizona Party Bike Wall Mural in Scottsdale AZ

Desert botanical garden

Just 15 minutes outside of Scottsdale proper, Desert Botanical Garden is home to some of the most gorgeous desert views in the area. From dramatic succulents to towering cacti, it’s easy to capture some of the majestic and whimsical desert styles in your photoshoot. 

Not to mention it’s a great place for desert hikes and strolls full of wildflowers, hummingbirds, and butterflies, and fine-dining at the garden’s restaurant!

Scottsdale Selfie

If you love art, this is the stop for you. The Scottsdale Selfie Museum houses interactive and inventive art installations as a one-of-a-kind indoor photography studio, chock full of interactive and immersive staged rooms and backdrops curated and designed for you to take your most unique selfies. Your bachelorette crew will have a blast exploring the different themed rooms and choose the ones that speak to each of you.  

Scottsdale Selfie Museum for Bachelorette Parties


If you grew up loving the 1950’s Archie Comic lifestyle, you will love this retro dessert parlor. It’s next to impossible not to be transported back to the days of letterman jackets and poodle skirts. Live your best posing for the classic three-people-sipping-out-of-a-milkshake with the adorable pink and black retro decor. And of course – they know how to do desserts right. No matter what you order, your sweet tooth will thank you!


Sunny, yellow, bright, and gorgeous sparkling water. The perfect recipe for a poolside photoshoot that pops! The Saguaro is a Scottsdale hotel that knows how to create a sunny and vibrant atmosphere. The drinks are frosty and bright pink, the pools are electric blue, and the surroundings show dark green foliage with pops of bright yellow decorations. Put on your neon suits and floppy hats, and you don’t need anything else for a great group photo.

Saguaro Pool Party 

LOVE Sculpture

A Bachelorette weekend should all be about LOVE, right? Scottsdale has a huge and bright red LOVE sculpture that is perfect for a cute group photo to commemorate the weekend. This sculpture is located right near Old Town Scottsdale, so you don’t even have to travel far to get there! You can touch and climb on this sculpture, so feel free to pose in the O or perch in-between the V and the E – whatever you want to do to have this bachelorette LOVE photo stand out against the rest!

It’s Always Sunny In Scottsdale

In the heart of Old Town Scottsdale at the Hotel Valley Ho, you can find the adorable “It’s Always Sunny In Scottsdale” mural. With Giant succulents and bright and bubbly letters, it is the perfect style for an adorable Scottsdale bachelorette group photo. Conveniently located, and totally Instagram-worthy.

It's Always Sunny in Scottsdale

It’s That Hot

It’s no secret – Scottsdale is HOT. But just in case you didn’t know, we have a mural. The “It’s That Hot” mural is not only so cute, but it’s also the perfect excuse to use a punny caption that encompasses the sweaty fun you’re having in Scottsdale. Located at the ever-popular Diego Pops, you can pose at the mural and then head directly into the restaurant for some post-shoot margarita snow cones. 

We hope this helps you plan your bachelorette Instagram-perfect scavenger hunt through Scottsdale! Ready for more info on the best of the best in our sunny bachelorette party town? Download our Guide to a Scottsdale Bachelorette Party here!