One of the benefits that we always boast about Scottsdale bachelorette parties is that you will experience wonderful sunny weather year-round. And we didn’t lie! But we figure it is time to address the topic – while the weather is sunny just about any month you visit, that doesn’t mean that the weather stays the same 24/7/365. 

Seasonal Scottsdale weather can range from mild and lovely to scorching hot. So while you will hardly ever need to break out your parka and mittens, there are some activities best suited for different times of the year. 

Most people agree the best time to visit Scottsdale is in early spring and late fall, thanks to the lovely mild weather we usually experience during that time. But you may base the best time on different variables! Depending on the time of year you visit, you can get better hotel rates, shorter lines, fewer crowds, and more or less heat. 

The good news? You can essentially do any of these at any time! The better news? We’ve laid out the best Scottsdale bachelorette activities for every season. No need to second-guess if you planned the perfect itinerary for your bachelorette celebration!

Scottsdale Summer Bachelorette Activities

Scottsdale Summer Bachelorette Activities

Contrary to most areas in the country, summer is considered the low season in Scottsdale. The hot hot heat is enough to make you start sweating at 9 am and not stop until well into the night. While this may be a turn-off, the special summer rates may be just good enough to make you consider a summer Scottsdale bachelorette party.

And if there is one thing Arizonanans know how to do, it’s beat the heat with awesome activities! Here are our favorites for a spicy-hot summer Scottsdale bachelorette party.

Cool off in some water

Nearby rivers and lakes are the perfect getaways to stay cool while still enjoying the Scottsdale heat. Wake up early and make your way to Saguaro lake and get in your lake day on a kayak or pontoon rental until the scorching Scottsdale sun really sets in for the day. 

Enjoy a Pool Party

Beat the heat and party at the same time! Scottsdale is infamous for wild pool parties during the weekend. If you’re looking for a rowdy, crowded, fish bowl-fueled time, check out Maya Day + Nightclub. And if casual beats, bottle service, and beautiful decor is more your style, the Cottontail Lounge and Wet Deck at The W Hotel will deliver that lux scenery. 

Beat the heat at a spa

Eventually, the day may get a little too hot to stay outside. That’s when you find some solace at a day spa to rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin after a day of scorching sun! The Well & Being Spa at Fairmont Princess is a great way to start. This spa experience can last for hours with all the amenities that come with it – from a cold plunge pool to the fitness center to a eucalyptus inhalation room. On top of that, Well & Being Spa offers special bachelorette party group packages!

Enjoy Scottsdale nightlife

When you can’t run out into the day, venture out into the night! Scottsdale nightlife is not only a blast, it is incredibly convenient for those staying in Old Town. Explore a few short blocks absolutely packed with dive bars, cocktail bars, wine bars, and clubs. You can party into the early hours of the morning without hardly needing a sweater! 

Scottsdale Fall Bachelorette Activities

Scottsdale Fall Bachelorette Activities

Thanks to the gorgeous weather, mid-to-late fall is considered the high season for Scottsdale tourism. This means that while the days are lovely, there tend to be large crowds enjoying it. This is the time of the year where you need to get all your bookings and reservations early to ensure you get a spot!

Try a sunrise hot air balloon tour

Fall is an amazing time of the year to see a Sonoran desert sunrise – so why not experience one from the skies? 

Few activities are worth waking up early during a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend, but a Hot Air Expeditions sunrise tour definitely takes the cake. These magical tours of the Sonoran desert are somehow both exhilarating and completely relaxing at the same time. 

You will silently float over the desert hills and ravines from thousands of feet in the air as the sun peeks out over the horizon. Can you think of a better memory to have with your best friends? We can’t!

Go for a fall farmer’s market run

Grab your wicker baskets and cute overalls, ladies. We’re going farming. 

Fall is the perfect time to peruse the bountiful local produce at a Scottsdale farmer’s market! These markets run from October to May, so you will get great weather and great produce in one trip. Local growers will feature the best vegetables you can find and there will also be several vendors serving delicious snacks and drinks along the way. Buy some goodies to make your at-home meals feel (and taste) special.

Enjoy comfy outside dining

This is the time of year when sitting outside to enjoy a beer or wine is actually pleasant! There are so many Scottsdale restaurants and breweries perfect for soaking up some sun while you peruse their delicious menus. From the relaxed patio at Diego Pops to the fun outdoor seating at Boondocks, you can enjoy the fresh Scottsdale air without melting.

Explore Old Town bars on a pedal bar tour

Girls who pedal together stay together.

Fall is the perfect time to hop on a pedal bar and roll to all the best bars in town! Even if you book an afternoon tour, you will stay comfortable while you get a little workout through the streets of Old Town with Arizona Party Bike

With cool drinks to sip and music blasting while you pedal, you’ll hardly even notice that you’re reaching your daily fitness goals! You get to make a grand entrance at every bar, enjoy the VIP treatment of no entry lines, and, of course, the drinks discounts are off the charts. 

Don’t miss out on this awesome party because you didn’t book in time! Fall is super busy, so get your reservations in early!

Scottsdale Winter Bachelorette Activities

Scottsdale Winter Bachelorette Activities

Hear some live music at Rock Bar

When nights get a little chilly sitting outside, warm up your body by dancing to some live music at Rock Bar! Rock Bar hosts both local legends and nationally-known musicians to create the best live music spot in town. 

Whether you’re looking for classic rock or some country sounds, you can dance up a sweat and build up some body heat for the mildly chilly evening weather. 

Celebrate Scottsdazzle

Are you planning your Scottsdale bachelorette party for around the holidays? You just may be able to see Scottsdazzle!

This is a holiday celebration that usually starts around the end of November and lasts until Christmas. The annual Scottsdazzle event includes festivals, concerts, local business support, and lots and lots of lights. 

You can find your last-minute holiday gifts at the involved local gift shops, stroll through the lights, and spend some time with Scottsdale locals celebrating the season!

Go Ice Skating at the Princess

Be an ice princess at the Fairmont Princess!

Every winter, this Scottsdale luxury hotel creates a winter wonderland in sunny Scottsdale in the form of a lovely ice rink! You can enjoy the frosty winter activity and get in some cute bonding time before going out. Best part? Thanks to Scottsdale weather, you can have fun on the ice without actually freezing your butt off! 

It’s the perfect place to get some wintery pics while still being able to enjoy lounging in the sun the very next day. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Scottsdale Spring Bachelorette Activities

Scottsdale Spring Bachelorette Activities

Go for a wildflower hike

Spring is the best time to see the Sonoran desert in bloom. A wildflower hike will refresh your bachelorette crew and get you some much-needed time in nature before you take on some more Old Town fun!

You can stroll through many popular hikes to see some amazing colors, or you could visit the wildflower epicenter at the Desert Botanical Garden. 

Trust us – if you catch Scottsdale at the right time, the flourishing desert life in the spring is the perfect backdrop for some gorgeous bachelorette group photos and candid model shots!

Host a Backyard BBQ

I know summer is usually the month that comes to mind when you think of a backyard BBQ. But trust us – you’re not necessarily going to want to be outside at 4 pm in July. That makes spring the go-to season to enjoy some great food and fun yard games – especially if you booked a vacation rental with a pool!

You may think that this activity is too basic for a wild bachelorette party weekend, but with the embellishments that some local Scottsdale companies can offer you, it will be one of your favorite memories of the weekend.

You can spice up your private pool party by hiring some cuties from Scottsdale Cabana Boys, or have a delicious meal prepared by an expert private chef. You can even have a party planner come in and decorate the house, stock the fridge, supply games, and get all of your drinks ready while you’re out and about, so you don’t have to lift a finger to plan an amazing backyard party. 

Have an outdoor yoga party

A private yoga class is a perfect way to enjoy your beautiful vacation rental, and spring is the perfect time to do it! It’s warm enough where no matter what time of day it is, you’ll be comfortable in light yoga gear, but not so scorching that you are sweating and slipping off your mat. The Balanced Bachelorette offers private yoga classes with an expert instructor brought right to your backyard! You can make the class your own, and the instructor will be happy to offer whatever kind of yoga you like – from an exhilarating workout to a recovery flow. 

We want you to have fun during your Scottsdale bachelorette party no matter when you visit. So if you ever feel clueless about how to plan your last fling before the ring, check out our free Scottsdale bachelorette party guide! This is full of itineraries, games, and best of all, VIP discounts from local companies.