Women are goal-oriented beings. When we set our sights on something, boy, you better get out of our way. Maybe it’s the glory. Maybe it’s the bragging rights. Maybe it’s the sweet, sweet, satisfaction of making that last checkmark on a long to-do list. No matter the reason, it’s hard to turn down a good challenge, especially with your best friends at your side. 

We’ve compiled the bests signature shots in Scottsdale onto one ultimate shot challenge list. This challenge is meant to be done throughout the weekend (or else you will NOT have a good time) and will take you on an adventure through the best Scottsdale nightlife. 

Finishing this shot challenge during your Scottsdale bachelorette weekend is an impressive feat. You may just want to add it to your professional resume, under “Certified: Bad B*tch”.

Ok, now that we’ve amped you up for it, here are our favorite party shots from the best bars in Scottsdale, and a few wildcards to keep you on your toes! Happy hunting! 

Schmooze: Espresso shot

Scottsdale Shot List: Schmooze Espresso

Well – we suppose you could start the morning with an alcoholic shot, but we are running a marathon, not a sprint. So we’re starting with an espresso shot! Schmooze is known to be a great place for both espresso shots and spirits, so we guess you can take your pick anyways. We recommend their espresso shot to get a swift caffeine kick in the butt that will pull you through the rest of the challenge.

Blue Clover Distillery: The Sippin’ shot

You taste the first shot the most, so you better make it good. Blue Clover is the perfect intro to a day of shots! With an amazing environment and even better spirits, this is the perfect way to start your wild night out. These are spirits you actually want to sip. From creatively-flavored vodkas to the pure classic gin, these go down smooooth. 

The Hot Chick: Pooty Tang Shot

Whoever said orange was the new pink is seriously disturbed. 

This pink drink is a sweet and fruity entrance into a much more fun night. And The Hot Chick is the perfect bar to shoot it in. From barcade games to awesome throwback tunes, you’ll have a blast (from the past) playing around this 70-s themed hotspot!

Bitters: Bartender’s call

Here’s where we get fancy. 

Who doesn’t love a custom-created shot? The expert mixologists at Bitters can take all of your flavor preferences (sweet or tart, fruity or flowery) and help you find your future favorite shot. Head to the counter and strike up a convo with the bartender -whatever they hand you, you’re bound to end up with something delicious. 

Desert shot: Affogato at The Gelato Spot

The Gelato Spot is famous for its Affogato, which is an espresso shot poured over the gelato of your choice. Does this have alcohol? No. Does this count as a shot? Of course, it does. It has the word “shot” in it, right? So enjoy a delicious espresso-infused dessert knowing you’re one step closer to 

Bottled Blonde: Green tea shot

Sounds healthy – does this count as our workout for the day? The Green Tea shot at Bottled Blonde is refreshing with that little zing to keep you going all night long. And you’ll want to when you see the dance floor at bottled blonde – this pizza-spot-by-day-dance-club-by-night is the spot to be for awesome DJ music, sweaty dancing, and tons of people to meet!

Bevvy: Rubber Ducky Shot 

Scottsdale Shot List: Bevvy Rubber Ducky Shot

Well, this one’s just adorable. 

How can you turn down something called a “rubber ducky shot” that comes with a rubber ducky? Bevvy delivers amazing food, a swanky atmosphere, and squeaky bath toys in a single casual cocktail experience. And the drink itself is delicious too! So don’t miss out on the world’s most adorable shot!

Cien Agaves: Tequila shot

Scottsdale Shot List: Cien Agave Tequila

Is it even a party without a tequila shot? 

Cien Agaves will fulfill both of your loves – late-night Mexican food and quality tequila. It’s in the name – there are over 100 tequilas to choose from ranging from affordable sips to wild splurges. Which one will your crew take on? 

Patty’s: Cactus Cooler

Patty’s is the spot to round out the night with their infamous Cactus Cooler shot. With the lowkey casual dive bar feel, this is a great place to hit when you’re feeling loose, wild, and ready to take your bachelorette party into the morning hours. This prickly sweet shot will certainly take you to the next level, so get ready to find your second wind after finishing the last drop!

Regenerate IV: B12 Shot

You will feel this one coursing through your veins. Because… it literally courses through your veins. 

After a long night of trying all the fun shots in Scottsdale, you are bound to feel a bit rough the morning after. Regenerate IV will bring you back to life with a detox IV drip full of Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and tons of other goodies. You are just one little poke away from feeling human again! Use code ScottsdaleBach and receive a Free shot of Toradol or Zofran with your vitamin IV! Toradol helps alleviate headache pain and Zofran helps alleviate nausea. 

Juice Core: Flu Shot

Scottsdale Shot List: Ginger Shot from Juice Core

Don’t worry – it’s just a shot that you drink! This cleverly named immunity booster from Juice Core Scottsdale is full of all the good nutrients to take you back to 100% after a long weekend of taking on the Scottsdale Shots challenge. With ingredients like ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and oregano oil, you’ll feel back to normal in no time.

Congratulations – you survived and finished the Scottsdale Bach Scottsdale Shots challenge! You deserve a good pat on the pack and a huge brunch to celebrate. Congrats on taking on Scottsdale the best way you can – with a good cheer and a better shot!

If you want even more recommendations from wild bars to chill relaxing afternoon pastimes, check out our Guide to a Perfect Scottsdale Bachelorette Party here!