One of the exciting aspects of celebrating a bachelorette party is to travel somewhere with your best friends and experience something new. But, what if you already live in the spot that people travel to? Some may think that staying home will lessen the bachelorette party experience, but we are here to tell you: If that home is Scottsdale, it certainly won’t.

Scottsdale is a rising star in the bachelorette party world for very good reason – but as locals, we don’t have to tell you why. The year-round sunshine, awesome nightlife, and outdoor adventures have tourists from all corners of the country coming to celebrate their bachelorette weekend. Not to mention the reputation Scottsdale has for being full of beautiful people (thank you for your contribution).

With all of that good, it’s no wonder people can’t get enough of your home. So why don’t you reap the benefits too? 

Here are our top reasons why locals should celebrate their bachelorette parties in Scottsdale. 

Scottsdale bachelorette party for locals

The #3 Bachelorette Party Destination in the country is your backyard

Need we say more? 

Based on a nationwide survey, Scottsdale is the #3 bachelorette party destination in the country. Only behind Vegas and Nashville, Scottsdale has soared through the bach charts and gained quite the party reputation. 

That rep doesn’t develop overnight – it develops with years of awesome restaurants, wild nightlife, rowdy day drinking, fun vacation rentals, and local businesses coming up with awesome bachelorette benefits. 

So, you don’t even need to drive a minute to have the best of the best bachelorette weekend. 

When to start planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party

Less travel time means more party time

How long are you willing to drive or fly to get to a great bachelorette party destination? Four hours? Five? Ten? 

What if all you have to drive is a couple of minutes? 

That means four, five, ten more hours of fun (on either side of your trip!), not to mention the extra time it takes to get around and find your place in a new city. 

When you get an entire extra day of fun, it’s hard to not consider staying in Scottsdale. 

But just because this is your town doesn’t mean you can’t do it up as you would anywhere else! Even locals should consider getting a staycation rental so you and your girls still get the bonding time you deserve during your bachelorette weekend. Finding a spot to stay in, party at, and decorate together sets the bachelorette weekend apart from any other weekend with friends.

local bachelorette party

More people can join in

We’re not going to sugar coat it – destination bachelorette parties can get spendy. It’s well worth the splurge, but we know not everyone has an equal budget when celebrating the bride. On top of that, it can be tough to get work time off! 

The closer you stay to home, the more attainable your celebration is for your entire bach crew. You minimize the number of people who have to turn the weekend down for budget or schedule reasons and maximize the party.

scottsdale bachelorette party bike

You can put travel money towards something fun

We mentioned the money saver staying close to home is – from skipping on gas money to city transportation to flights, you just allocated that money to a major PARTY.

Scottsdale has tons of splurge items and services that your travel money can now cover. Hire an award-winning private chef to create a jaw-dropping feast for you and your girls. Invite some cute pool boys to your pool party for help pouring drinks, starting drinking games, and getting the party started. And for after the big night out, have a door-to-door hangover IV service ready to get you alive and refreshed for another day of fun.

With all of the fun possibilities at your fingertips, you can make that extra fun money really work for you. 

local scottsdale bachelorette party

Even if you live here – you haven’t experienced everything

Yes, you may be Scottsdale experts. But even long-time locals haven’t tried EVERYTHING that Scottsdale has to offer. There’s going to be a restaurant that you’ve never had the right special event to justify. You may see the desert every day, but you haven’t experienced it while whizzing around on an ATV or pink jeep. 

There is always new fun to discover in Scottsdale – your bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to find them! 

When it comes to Scottsdale experiences you can’t miss, Arizona Party Bike is at the top of the list. Yes, you may have seen these bikes pass you by in the downtown area thousands of times – but if you’ve never been on one, you can’t say you know what they’re all about. There’s a reason party bikers are WOO!-ing left and right – they’re having the time of their lives. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, because once you try it, you’ll be WOO!-ing with the rest of them. 

local scottsdale bachelorette party

You won’t run into the inconveniences that tourists face

No matter where you go or how seasoned a traveler you are, you aren’t going to know every convenient secret when visiting a new place. There is always some stumble or speed bump to overcome when in an entirely new place! Maybe you don’t hit up the best bars or choose a hotel in a lame area. None of these make or break a bachelorette weekend, but they sure don’t make it easier. 

Locals will always have a much easier time finding the right hotspots, knowing where to park, and understanding all of the little tips that make up a seamless night. Take advantage of that expert knowledge by staying local for your Scottsdale bachelorette party! The little hot tips will all add up to a perfectly-executed weekend. 


Make your life easy, and be the queens of your town. You may be Scottsdale locals, but we’re seasoned experts in Scottsdale fun. If you want to find every possible Scottsdale party, our downloadable guide to a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend has everything you need. Our exclusive specials, advice, and tips on tons of the details will take your bach party from good to unforgettable.