Sometimes, it’s fun to be a tourist. Other times, you just want to feel like a local. In Scottsdale, it’s easy to feel right at home, and we can share with you the best local favorite spots where you can spend your days. But there is some crucial knowledge to gain before you own the streets. And during a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend, it is well worth the prior research to be able to take on the town like a pro.

You only have a few days to make this Scottsdale bachelorette weekend count, and the smallest of tips can take you from clueless tourists to seasoned pros.

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What Not To Wear

Wear the right outfit for the right place. While many casual, kick-back spots in Scottsdale embrace clothing of all types, some choice spots require certain looks to be accepted in. Just check the reviews of basically any Scottsdale club – most of the one-star reviews describe the bouncer not letting people in because of attire. Whether or not you agree with that kind of rule, it’s easier to go into a night out knowing that what you wear will impact where you can party.

One of the quickest ways to ruin your big night out is to try to get into one of Scottsdale’s nicer clubs in less-than-nice clothing. Spots like Maya Nightclub have different clothing rules, for example, men may not be able to wear t-shirts, shorts, hats, or sneakers. The rules for girls may be a little more ambiguous, and up to the bouncer. So play it on the safe side and go for the gold with your style! Getting in will be a breeze, and you’ll look great doing it. 

It’s not just the fancy clubbing either. A lot of the pool parties around Scottsdale will turn folks away if they aren’t in swimsuits, wearing sports jerseys, or wearing certain footwear. With the long lines and precious limited time to party, don’t try to sneak by out of dress code – it’s not worth running away trying to buy new clothes if you’re turned away!


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Ride in Style

There is nothing cool about driving after having a few – and Scottsdale offers options so you don’t even consider it. If you’re already downtown but want to level up from walking from spot to spot, you don’t need to pull out your Uber app. 

The best way to do a Scottsdale bar crawl is by planning an Arizona Party Bike Tour! No need to walk to all of your party bar stops, you can roll up in style. With drink specials and an awesome party guide, this will beat walking or driving 10/10 times.

One of the most convenient and best things about Scottsdale is our golf cart taxis. They are everywhere and very easy to hail for a cheap and quick ride. Whether you’re bar-hopping, heading to dinner, need a ride back to your hotel, or just need a 2 am drunk meal, the taxis come in clutch.

If you have a larger group and want to stick together without needing to hail 4 Ubers, Rebl Rentals is here to the rescue. You can hire vans, party buses, or even limos to drive your bachelorette group to and from the airport, around Old Town Scottsdale, out to a spa, or whatever your group needs.


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If you can’t handle the heat…

This is no secret, but we need to mention it. Scottsdale is HOT! If you are planning your trip anywhere between May and September and are not used to the heat, plan your more rigorous activities in the morning or late evening. Many people think it cools down around 3 or 4 but in AZ that’s the hottest part of our day, and the best time to pop into the pool! 

If you want to hike in the summer months, prepare to be a morning person and start hiking around 6:30 am. That way, you have a few hours to enjoy the Sonoran desert views before you start melting in the sun. On top of that, you will catch an epic sunrise that will make the early rise so worth it. 

The best way to get the most out of your outdoor experience without melting in the sun is by going with a great guide company. Trying fat bike tours with Sonoran Outdoor Adventures or ATV rides with Stellar adventures is the perfect way to enjoy the sun without a hike turning into a slog.

If you do decide to venture into the sun, there is no need to establish how you would fare on the show Survivor. Bring double the water you think you’ll need too, even if you’re not partaking in a strenuous activity! Hydration is key, especially when you’re planning on drinking after the outdoor activity. The last thing you want is a major hangover the next day, and spending all day in the sun with no water will surely lead to that.


scottsdale arizona bachelorette party itinerary

It’s all in the timing

The early bird gets the worm! Or in this case, the early clubbers get the table! Want a good table at the clubs or a little space to dance your heart out? 

Earn your personal space at Scottsdale clubs by getting there before the masses. To play it safe, show up around 9:30 or 10 pm. Most bars don’t hit top capacity until 11:30 or midnight when the lines to get in can wrap around the block. 

Being stuck in that pre-club line purgatory can be frustrating, boring, and waste precious time. You may get there a little before the club is in full swing, but that just means quick drinks, more dancing space, and you can keep track of everyone easily! That seems like a win-win to us.

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Count your cash, Baby

You never know what you’ll stumble upon in Scottsdale, and having small cash on hand can help. There are tons of bar games and opportunities to try something new. An arcade game or a jukebox is only fun if you have a way to play them! 

On top of that, it’s the easiest way to tip, get quick drinks, or pay for a quick golf cart taxi home. 

The best part? If you let the night get away from you with a few too many drinks, there is no running around town the morning after trying to find where you left your car!

Sometimes, it only takes a couple of street-smart tips to take you from tourist to temporary local. And don’t stop there – our downloadable guide to a bach weekend will make you an expert in all things Scottsdale Bach.