When to start planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party

This one is for the planners, procrastinators, and everyone in-between. 

Sometimes, we’ll say “There’s no wrong way to throw a Scottsdale bachelorette party.” But, we do have to share that with a small asterisk that says:

*As long as you actually do some planning for your Scottsdale bachelorette party. 

No matter what you want those plans to be, from relaxing spa days to shots-filled bar crawls, they should be booked in advance. Scottsdale is a popular b*tch and she gets booked up quickly! 

Yes, there’s a chance for last-minute bookings for most of your party items. But if you:

  • Want to book during a high-demand season
  • Want to book during a high-demand day of week and time of day
  • You don’t want to feel SOL when you arrive with no confirmed plans

Then you should stick to a timeline! We strongly suggest you refer to this game plan when it comes to booking your awesome weekend.

So, let’s answer the age-old question:

When should you start planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party?

6 months before your Scottsdale Bachelorette Party:

Plan your bachelorette party ideas and prioritize your big items. 

Because we have more than enough things to do and places to explore, you’ll need to do some serious research and prioritization to fill your Scottsdale bachelorette weekend. 

From bar crawls to private party services to the best Scottsdale nightlife to the coolest Scottsdale restaurants, you don’t need to book 6 months in advance, but you should start making your bucket list now!

When to start planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party

3 months before your Scottsdale bachelorette party:

Flight to Scottsdale if you’re coming from out of town

Visiting from out of town? Three months out is usually the sweet spot to get the best deals on airline tickets! Flying into Phoenix is usually a breeze from most corners of the country, but us bargain flight-searchers should be on the lookout starting now to save a few precious bucks. 

Vacation rental

Don’t sleep on an amazing vacation rental! You’ll be able to find something closer to the bach launch date, but you’ll maximize your chances of booking one of the gold-star Airbnbs if you book very early. This will ensure you get the open-floor-plan-private-pool-oasis-garden-large-bedroom-perfect-location palace of your dreams. 

When to start planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party

1 month before your Scottsdale bachelorette party:

Hotel reservation

You usually don’t have to book as far in advance for a few hotel rooms, but you just may end up competing against the masses enjoying a city-wide event! Scottsdale is known to host incredibly popular spring events, from the Waste Management Open to MLB spring training. Events like these attract several thousands of additional In short, events and conventions fill hotels quickly, so get those reservations early! 

Big-ticket activities

Planning one ‘splurge event’ to make the weekend even more memorable? Get your reservations in now to set it in stone! 

For example, tons of bachelorette groups across the country come to Scottsdale to experience Arizona Party Bike. You’ll want to book your party bike very early to ensure that ever-coveted “Friday at 8 pm” launch time.

And the best part? Anyone who gets anxious around calling the shots can breathe easy since Arizona Party Bike offers a ‘no questions asked’ refund or reschedule policy up to 14 days before your trip!

Private chef

If you’re feeling creative with just a touch of ‘extra’ when planning a night in your vacation rental, a private chef is a perfect fit. But the city’s most popular and well-known private chefs are in very high demand, so plan the ‘big night in’ ahead of time! 

Get your custom/monogrammed bach gear

You can’t go into a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend empty-handed from custom shirts to hats to cups to swimsuits, there are so many opportunities to make your bachelorette gear unique to you! Just get that custom order in early, so it doesn’t arrive AFTER the bach weekend (what a nightmare!).

When to start planning a Scottsdale bachelorette party

2 weeks before your Scottsdale bachelorette party:

Upscale dinner reservations

This may feel a little bit over-the-top for standard dinner reservations, but if you’re hoping to land that prime-time weekend seating at the hottest restaurants in Scottsdale during the height of the busy season, it’s the only way to go.

Your big splurge dinner deserves to come with minimal stress around which restaurant can squeeze you in! 

Party planner

You may think you don’t need a party planner. But especially if you are coming in from out of state, you will thank your lucky stars you booked one! From a fully-stocked fridge with your favorite snacks to a decorated vacation rental to laminated party itineraries, leave the boring, confusing, or time-consuming stuff to your party captain. But if you want to get on their calendar in time, book at least two weeks in advance!

Buy your generic party gear

So you don’t need custom stuff, but you want to look cute and uniform for a day out? Now is the time to buy your general bachelorette accessories! While there are places along the way where you can buy some things in person (check out the AZ Party Bike store for that) you’ll want to order your dream shirts, hats, or fanny packs in advance! 

When to start planning a scottsdale bachelorette party

1 week before your Scottsdale bachelorette party:

Standard weekend dinner reservations

Now that your splurge meal at a fancier restaurant is set, it’s time to set your other more casual weekend eats! Just because it’s not a five-star affair doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a table – almost every Old Town restaurant will be packed to the brim during the weekend! Beat the crowds by booking your tables well in advance. 

Reserve airport transportation

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – don’t put all of your trust in Uber. And when you’re flying in in a large group, we stick to that rule even more. 

Sometimes, cutting down on the confusing logistics of corralling multiple rideshares for private transportation is well-worth the extra money. And when it comes to the price of Ubers lately, it may even be the more economical choice! You can rent airport transportation by van so you can all get into Old Town together. For great service, vans, party bikes, or even limos, check out Top Notch Transportation

When to plan a dinner during your Scottsdale bachelorette party

1 day before your Scottsdale bachelorette party:

Standard weekday dinner reservations

This is for the casual brunches, easy afternoon happy hours, and any other last-minute cravings that come up. Whether you end up using it or not, you’ll be happy to have those tables in your back pocket!

When to book an Uber for your Scottsdale bachelorette party

During your Scottsdale bachelorette party


Yes, Ubers can be booked right before you need them, but book them earlier than you think! It is surprisingly hard in Scottsdale to get a prompt and dependable Uber ride. Especially if you’re heading somewhere that has a hard start time, then get your Ubers sorted well before the event, because you’ll probably have a few false starts before you’re in a car. 


Other than that, have fun finding some last-minute activities and snacks to fill in the rest of your weekend! Getting all of your bookings and reservations well in advance may seem extra, but we promise with the competing groups, city events, and tourists fighting for a seat as well, you’ll be so glad to have your plans set in stone. And if you need some ideas of what to book during your Scottsdale bachelorette party, check out our Scottsdale Bach ultimate guide for the best ideas and VIP deals!