From icy drinks to spicy-hot bikinis, who doesn’t love a backyard party?

Thanks to the hot hot heat that Scottsdale always oh-so-generously provides, it is very easy to find a Scottsdale vacation rental that has an amazing outdoor setup with a patio, pool, and other fun accommodations. 

What’s the point of renting a house with a sweet backyard if you don’t take the time to enjoy it?

While it may seem counterproductive to just stay home for an afternoon during a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend, we promise it just may become your favorite part of your weekend… As long as you have the right tools. 

What are the right tools, you may ask? Only some of the BEST Scottsdale services, ideas, and activities you can try and fall in love with. From silly activities to gorgeous homemade snacks to awesome service rentals, your “chill afternoon in” will transform into a memorable and marvelous celebration with your favorite girls. 

Backyard party services that will take your afternoon to the next level

Give your backyard party that x-factor that sets it above your standard BBQ! It’s a bachelorette weekend – even though you’re in your backyard, you can still plan a VIP event!

Scottsdale Cabana Boys

Scottsdale Bachelorette party service: Cabana Boys

Have a pool? You’re gonna want some eye candy to go with it. 

Scottsdale Cabana Boys offer men-for-hire for the best reasons possible – to hand you drinks and tell you that you’re pretty. These celebration experts know just what to do when it comes to getting the party started. 

Scottsdale Cabana Boys is the perfect addition for when you want to enjoy an afternoon spent at your backyard pool, but still want to get a bit cheeky. Their team will refresh your drinks, get the pool party music bumping, start fun games, and overall keep the afternoon feeling flirty and fun. 

The Bar is Open

The Bar Is Open - Best Scottsdale Bars

Staying in for the afternoon warrants a signature drink to cheers with again and again. Instead of settling for a jungle juice, why not pull in the experts?

The Bar Is Open will drive the upscale-bar-quality cocktails straight to your backyard party. They have special offerings just for bachelorette parties, including cocktail mixology classes where people can learn more about the history of their favorite drinks, and cute photoshoot props so you can capture the event.

Want to make the afternoon feel even more special? The Bar Is Open will even create a custom drink for your event!

Cooking with Chef William

Chef William Turner in Scottsdale AZ

Are you ready to turn up the heat a little on what you consider a good afternoon snack? Chef William will open your eyes to new flavors and ways to eat healthy, sustainable food. Chef William offers bachelorette party packages that span anywhere from a formal dinner with a specialty cocktail to a buffet-style feast. 

For your backyard soiree, we love his Fiesta Fiest package, which includes a build your own taco bar! Enjoy several tastes while you pool, play, and drink!

Bachelorette party activities perfect for your backyard party

Here are some fun things to do during your Scottsdale bachelorette party when you want to bring the festivities to you!

Balanced Bachelorette

Balenced Bachelorette: Yoga in Scottsdale

Who says you can’t tone and tan at the same time? 

Schedule a private backyard yoga class with the company that lives for bachelorette parties! Balanced Bachelorette will send their amazing instructors to your rental and set up your own yogi paradise.

A nice sweat sesh with your crew is the perfect way to get invigorated and ready for a night on the town, or get relaxed and centered while you recover from the night before. Their seasoned instructors can tailor the difficulty and style of class to how you feel in the moment!

Rent a portable movie theatre

Bachelorette Party Ideas in Scottsdale: Movie Night

Miss the old days of the classic girl’s pajama party? Let’s bring it back!

This is a great option if you’re partied out but still want to do something special. If you are using a backyard party to relax and unwind take the evening to new cozy levels with a personal movie theatre! You can rent a projector and screen to set up in your backyard, set up cute blanket spots to cozy up next to your bach crew, and put on a classic film (Mean Girls, anyone?). 

Trendy picnic setup

Scottsdale Arizona Bachelorette Party Picnic

These all-of-the-rage picnics are popular for a reason. They are over-the-top cute and the photos are always on point. While craftier individuals can set these up on their own, us mere mortals would do much better to hire someone to set it up for you.

From candlelit tabletops to sweet sitting pillows, to plant decorations the experts at My AZ Picnic will create the picnic scene of your dreams. They even offer bachelorette-specific packages that include a selfie stand and mimosa bar!

Cherry-on-top Scottsdale bachelorette backyard party extras

Now that you have your royalty-worthy backyard party planned, it’s down to the tiny details to make it extra memorable!

Citrus jello shot

Everyone loves a throwback to the college-frat-party-football-tailgate days, but let’s make it a lot tastier. Jello shots held in citrus rinds take the standard jello shot to cuter (and more sustainable) levels. We absolutely love this recipe for pink lemonade jello shots!

A cute photo spot

When you’re having a great time, you need a great photo to match.

Don’t overlook the convenience of setting up the perfect spot to take adorable selfies and group shots. In the privacy of your backyard, your girls will be able to take their time and get as goofy as they want to take the perfect snapshot. 

Whether it’s a cute balloon setup over the patio or a sweet floral arrangement with colors that really pop, a background that looks really nice will look way better than just a fence background.


You can celebrate in style without ever leaving your house! Your bachelorette group deserves more than some beers and hotdogs – make your backyard the perfect party scene. And if you need other great ideas (and VIP deals), check out our ultimate guide to a Scottsdale Bachelorette party here!