You are a queen – and a queen deserves a palace. 

Scottsdale vacation rentals around town are up to the job of offering a luxurious and comfortable stay for your girls during your Scottsdale bachelorette party. Scottsdale has its fair share of bachelorette parties (surprise of the century, we know), and Scottsdale locals have had a heyday making vacation rentals that are perfectly tailored to your girl gang. 

Here are a few Scottsdale vacation homes that are particularly prepped to host some queens while they explore their temporary kingdom. 

Scottsdale Bachelorette Vacation Rental

Why Choose a Vacation Rental

Space to Party

Hotel room parties are fun in theory but less in execution. Beers spill on beds. The cans are on the ground. Foundation stains the sheets. By the time you’re done pregaming, your room isn’t looking too cute, and returning to a messy room won’t be as exciting after a long night out. 

But when you’re in a vacation home, the pregame doesn’t have to happen where you sleep! From basements to living rooms to backyards, parties are sequestered in communal areas so bedrooms can stay relaxing and clean (or at least as clean as you keep them).

Private Pool

It’s Scottsdale – ya gotta have a pool. 

There are tons of vacation rentals out there, so make sure you choose one with a private pool! You don’t have to deal with any problems with a shared pool. No weird kids practicing cannonballs, no unwanted advances from guys, no forgetting your sunnies on the 9th floor. Just step outside and directly into your own pool paradise!

Fridge and Kitchen for Easy Food and Snacks

It’s not gender-specific – the best way to ANYONE’S heart is through their stomach. Your bach crew included!

Having a full kitchen and the chance to stock a fridge and pantry means that everyone always has access to some snacks. Because who wants the needless drama to start out of hangri-ness? Not us!

Everyone Gets to Bond in Common Areas

All jokes aside, this weekend is for bonding. And yes – you bond during planned activities, but the reeeaaalllyyy good stuff happens spontaneously, lounging on the couch, passing around a bag of chips in your pajamas at 2 am. If you’re all in different hotel rooms, those impromptu hang times aren’t as common.

More Space for Decorations

You have a whole house to deck out with bachelorette party decorations! You can be as minimal or wonderfully maximal as you like. You got the room, so go ahead – order the photo backdrop. And balloon arch. And flamingo floaties. And “last penis ever” banner. The world is your oyster!


Top Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Vacation Rentals

BEST Scottsdale Bachelorette House! Pool and Spa

scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental - 1

Fits: 10 Guests

Location: Scottsdale/Tempe Area


The BEST Scottsdale Bachelorette House! Pool and Spa on Airbnb did not cut ANY corners when it comes to offering a festive and trendy Scottsdale vacation rental for those who want to spend a ton of time at an adorable house.

This spot is not super close to Old Town Scottsdale, but it makes up for that less-than-ideal location with an ADORABLE pool patio, party atmosphere decor, adorable bedrooms and endless photo ops. 


Desert Elegance – 6 Bedroom Mansion – North Scottsdale

scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental - 2

Fits: 16 guests

Location: North Scottsdale


The Desert Elegance Rental is a great spot for large groups that want space to spread out and enjoy some vacation home time. With a pickleball court, pool, and mature-trendy decor, this spot is perfect for those that want to have the ideal balance of space and great location. One of our favorite parts – a luxurious BBQ setup so you and your girls can show off your grill master skills and host a perfect pool party.


Note – this one is a drive to Old Town! Only choose this rental if you’re cool driving or ride sharing to nightlife. 


Desert Chillin’

scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental - 3

Fits: 16 guests

Location: Near Old Town Scottsdale


Maybe you’re not all about the pink, but you are all about the fun. This festive Desert Chillin’ vacation rental is perfect for large groups that want a spot within walking distance of Old Town. This spot has a fun desert theme that is a little more universal for all types of bach groups. Enjoy a private pool, pool table, cute kitchen, modern bathrooms, and the pièce de résistance – a poolside bar. 


The Desert Estate

scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental - 4

Fits: 24

Location: Scottsdale


This one is for the gamers. The adult children. The kids at heart. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a different yard game or activity to enjoy at this Scottsdale rental. Play minigolf, pickleball, basketball, giant Connect Four, foosball, pool, and swimming. And when you’re done playing, you’ll love that there are several lounge spots to relax after an active day. Not to mention it fits a whopping 24 people – perfect for joint bachelor and bachelorette parties!


Sunkissed in Scottsdale

scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental - 5

Fits: 13

Location: Near Old Town Scottsdale


If you’re looking for a place with an adorable and cozy outdoor patio to bond and gossip after a night out, the comfy outdoor couch-fireplace combo (and maybe a midnight swim peppered in?) makes this Scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental the perfect choice. The simple bachelorette decor is understated and cool, and the backyard is ideal for group dinners and lounge sessions. 


Serene Desert Retreat

scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental - 6

Fits: 16

Location: Near Old Town


This Serene Desert Retreat is only 3 minutes from Old Town’s shopping, nightlife, outdoor activities, and restaurants. You and your bach crew can enjoy a HUGE private open backyard with a brand-new pool. The decor is easy, simple and universal for bach groups that care more about the amenities and location than the decorations. Multiple seating areas and cornhole are perfect for afternoon pregame entertainment and fun!


Caesar’s Bliss

scottsdale bachelorette vacation rental - 7

Fits: 16

Location: Scottsdale


Ok – this one is fit for a bunch of queens. Once you step into this giant desert oasis, you won’t leave until you have to get back home. The photos, memories and experiences you will head home with are unreal, with the palm-tree-covered backyard, a pool fit for royalty, a gorgeous and spacious BBQ set up, a romantic fireplace, and tons of outdoor activities to enjoy. The energy is upscale and high luxury with giant archways and marble-style floors. This is a true kingdom for a true queen!

Want to live like a queen but save like a boss? Download our Bach Weekend Guide for insider tips and tricks to booking accommodations for your Scottsdale Bach weekend!