If you’ve been to Scottsdale, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen brightly-colored, music-pumping giant bikes rolling around (it would be fantastic if you didn’t – they are the opposite of elusive). They probably caught your eye. You probably felt a little bit of jealousy that you weren’t involved. You most likely vowed that the next time you’re in Old Town, you will be the one making others jealous with this Scottsdale Bachelorette party activity.

Now, the opportunity is here. Yours, or your BFF’s bachelorette party, is your chance to experience Scottsdale’s best party. And trust us – it won’t fall short. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Arizona Party Bike and how it will elevate your Scottsdale bachelorette weekend to new heights.  

Scottsdale Bachelorette Activity: AZ Party Bike

Why is Arizona Party Bike The Best Activity For Your Scottsdale Bachelorette Party?

This pregame experience brings a 10/10 party

Don’t trust us? (Ouch.) But feel free to trust the over 6,000 TripAdvisor reviews with a 5-star overall rating. Need more proof? TripAdvisor named Arizona Party Bike the #4 experience in the country. That’s not a title they hand out willy-nilly! Arizona Party Bike has a lot to claim. The AZ Party Bike team is THE expert in helping bachelorette groups throw a fabulous party. No other company comes close to the partnerships, deals, and overall vibes that AZ Party Bike has. 

Perfect Way To Bond With Your Bachelorette Squad

This Scottsdale bachelorette party activity the perfect way for your group to get to know each other without doing silly icebreakers. Your cousin may not know your best friend from your sorority, or your grad school bestie may need some time to get to know your high school crew. So many lives converge, and having one big party to mix everyone together will get the vibes going quickly. By the end of it, everyone is having a great time, laughing, and making memories on a perfect bachelorette weekend.

Hot tip: Do this at the beginning of your bachelorette weekend for maximum bonding moments! 

Party Like a Queen

Is there anything better than feeling like royalty as you walk through the doors of a bar? Skipping lines and covers to breeze through the entrance will do that! The VIP drink specials at partner bars don’t hurt. AZ Party Bike has several bar options to make for a fun party. When you book a private bike tour, you can customize your bar stops to your style – from rowdy and fun to cute and trendy, you will have some great options at your fingertips. Get ready for cheap shots, signature drinks and happy hour all day!

Ball Out With Bargains The Entire Weekend

Who doesn’t love a deal? We sure do. A party with Arizona Party Bike grants you access to exclusive savings at partner restaurants and companies across Old Town during your whole stay in Scottsdale! 

The best part? Some of these deals are valid the entire week of your party reservation so that you can stretch out the fun. Check out their partner deals here!

Bachelorette Party Ideas Scottsdale


When is the best day and time to book the party bike?

It’s not so much that there is a better time than others, but we can absolutely list the benefits of each day! 

Thursday evening: Did you kick off the bachelorette weekend early? Make the most of it with AZ Party Bike! It’s no secret that Thursday won’t have as big of a party scene as the actual weekend, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make your own dang party. 

Weekend day trip: Any day of the week will be taken to a new level with a daytime party! The weather is nice, the sun is shining, lots of people are out and about, and the bars are fun but not packed. 

Weekend night party: When the sun goes down, the party starts! The evening is great because Old Town is buzzing with nightlife fun. At the end of your party, we can drop you off in the heart of Old Town near the entertainment district where all the restaurants, bars, and clubs are picking up for the evening.

Sunday Party: This is perfect as a last hurrah before flying back home! A Sunday crawl is also a money saver compared to Friday and Saturday parties. 

Scottsdale Bachelorette Activity Ideas: AZ Party Bike

Our Hottest Tips for Your Scottsdale Booze Bike Bar Crawl

So you’re convinced – you want to plan a party bike excursion. Party like an expert with these tips! 

  • Take advantage of their partner deals: You can save big on lunch, dinner, drinks, and more with their partner deals around town. Don’t sleep on these! You could save up to $1000 on your entire weekend if you try them all!
  • Make some money-saving moves: Save by booking a private party for groups of 10 to 14! You don’t have to have 10 for a private party, but smaller groups can save by booking individual seats on the pub crawl instead.
  • Take your time on the bike: Don’t book too close to your flight arrival time! Anticipate flight delays, weird time-sucking issues, 
  • Don’t buy drinks beforehand: BYOB is against party bike rules. But don’t fret – it’s all there for you! Coolers, ice, cups and booze options for purchase are all available to you before you hop on the bike.
  • Consider Your Ass: That miniskirt may be cute, but it’s probably not your ideal party bike ‘fit. The bike seats can get very toasty in the Scottsdale sun. Choosing bottoms that cover your ass when you sit on a bike seat will be one of the best choices you make for your trip! 
  • Consider your feet: Yep – you definitely pedal on this bike! So wear shoes that make sense for a couple of hours of pedaling. 
  • Make the most of this unique transportation: Get dropped off at a restaurant or bar in Old Town after your party bike excursion to minimize Ubers and driving logistics. 

Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Ideas: AZ Party Bike

What To Expect When You Arrive

Are you a “know what to expect” kind of planner? Here is the total itinerary of a Scottsdale party bike outing. 

Step 1: Check In

One of their lovely guest attendants will check you in, check your ID, and ensure you’ve filled out a waiver. Once your entire group is covered, you can hang out in the shop, buy snacks, check out the decorations for sale or take group pics at one of their many photo ops. We love the outside mural! 

Step 2: Buy Your Booze

Once everyone is checked in and accounted for, your party captain will introduce themselves and walk you back to their booze room – a magical space with refrigerators full of wine coolers, seltzers, spiked juices, boozy teas and (of course) beer. This is available on-site, so there’s no need to bring any of your own (it’s against the rules anyway).

Step 3: Listen to the Rules

Now that you have all the drinks you need for your party, it’s time to listen (yes, actually listen) to the short but essential list of rules for riding the party bike. Make sure you pay attention!

Step 4: Jam to Some Bops

Finally, the wheels start rolling, the drinks pour, and someone has to hop on the aux cord (well, Bluetooth) with some jamz worthy of the party. Many people create a playlist curated with the best early 2000s anthems, new dance bops, some country flavor or anything that gets your girls moving. This is an important step – the music sets the mood! So, pass the metaphorical cord to someone up to the challenge. Or, let your party captain throw on one of their famous party mixes. 

Step 5: Play Some Party Games

Everyone’s favorite part of a party bike is the drinking games. Your party captain will have some fun game ideas, but feel free to bring your own! You can go with a classic “Thunderstruck” drinking game, waterfall, “take a drink if…” games or whatever seems fun at the moment. It’s all up to you!

Step 6: Stop at Awesome Bars

AZ Party Bike will get you to the best local bars in style. They have partnerships with several bars around Old Town so that you can enjoy some serious perks exclusive to party bike VIPs. On nights when the line is out the door to get into Scottsdale’s hottest bars, party bike VIPs can stroll in with no wait! This even applies to nights that have covers to get it – you get in for free! And any day of the week, you will get VIP drink specials at every stop. Each bar has signature deals, so listen when your party captain spills the beans on drinks specials. 

Step 7: Get Dropped Off in the Heart of Scottsdale Nightlife

You’ve partied hearty. You’ve made inside jokes and had silly moments you’ll joke about with your girls for decades to come. And the night (or afternoon) is still young! Your party captain will drop you off in the heart of Old Town so you can head to dinner, the next activity, or keep the party going with more bar hopping. It’s totally up to you! Just let your party captain know beforehand if you have a specific spot you want to be dropped off. 


There ya have it – our not-so-secret ingredient to a perfect Scottsdale bachelorette weekend. To learn more and book your tour with Arizona Party Bike, visit their website here! Your big bach weekend is in good hands with this Scottsdale bachelorette party activity.