A queen needs her chariot.

Scottsdale is known for many things, from year-round sunshine, a roaring nightlife scene, and thanks to ladies like you, beautiful people. With a shining reputation like that, it’s no surprise that Scottsdale is one of the most popular bachelorette party spots in the country (Move over, Vegas.). 

Another major reason Scottsdale is bachelorette party central is all of the activities perfect for bachelorette parties found right in Old Town. From wine tastings to segway tours to ax throwing to barcades, you’ll never be bored. But there is one activity that we think stands out from the rest as the most memorable Scottsdale bachelorette activity: an Arizona Party Bike tour

If you visit Old Town Scottsdale, chances are you will see this giant bike tour pass you by with over a dozen people pedaling, drinking, and having the time of their lives. They’ll be partying so hard that you will feel jealous you’re not on the bike with them. Have no fear – you’ll have your moment to shine during an epic Scottsdale bachelorette weekend. With Arizona Party Bike, your bach crew will be the envy of Old Town. 

arizona party bike scottsdale bachelorette

“But really quick… What even is a party bike?”

I’m glad you asked. 

A party bike is a 15-person rolling bar that is powered by pedaling. You can bring your favorite drinks, tunes, and decorations on the bike and roll in style to a few of the best bars in Scottsdale. You can play drinking games, sit-dance to your favorite songs, chat with your party bike guide, and wave to all the passers-by as you head to your next stop. It is truly all about the journey over the destination. 

If you haven’t tried one before, here are our top party bike tips so you can make the most of your tour!

  • Bring beer, wine, or seltzers for the ride, because you can sip while pedaling between stops! But make sure to have it in cans or plastic – Glass is a no-no. 
  • Don’t even try to pedal in high heels – they are cute, but you will not have a good time. Wear activity-friendly clothing as well! You don’t need a sweatsuit to feel comfortable, but a leather miniskirt is NOT the look. 
  • Don’t show up wasted, because you will have nothing left in the tank to enjoy the actual tour. And that would be very very sad. 
  • Bring decorations, playlists, and games to make the party bike tour feel unique!

Here are our top reasons for booking a party bike tour for your Scottsdale bachelorette party!

scottsdale bachelorette party bike

Why Book a Party Bike For Your Scottsdale Bachelorette Party

It’s the #1 party activity in Arizona

If you don’t believe us, click on essentially any Scottsdale party guide on the internet and you’ll see that party bike tours come highly recommended, especially for bachelorette party weekends. Tourists will love that they don’t have to research or plan the perfect Scottsdale bar crawl. Locals will love spicing up their standard girl’s night out. All will love that you get different cool drink specials at every stop. No matter where your group is coming from or what type of party you’re looking for, you will have an amazing time. 

Are we basic for mentioning it along with all the rest? Maybe. But we’d rather be basic than inaccurate on the best activity for a bachelorette party. 

You don’t have to do the party-planning research

Sit back, relax, and sip on your spiked seltzer because the party experts are taking over the big night out. 

Especially if you are not familiar with the Scottsdale area, planning and prioritizing bars for an amazing bachelorette bar crawl is tough. Not because there aren’t many options (there are more than enough amazing bars to check out), but because you want to visit the best of the best. 

There’s nothing worse than hitting up a bar and having a *fine* time, only to figure out later that the bar down the street was bumping. Skip the FOMO because your party bike guide knows Scottsdale nightlife like the back of their hand. They will take you to the best party bars and you can party hard knowing you’ve made the right choice. There ya go – FOMO no mo’.

AZPB for Scottsdale Bachelorette

It’s easy to make new friends

Yes, you’re there with your girls, but the shenanigans you get into with strangers are half the fun of a bachelorette party. 

When you arrive at a cool bar on a party bike, you have the world’s best icebreaker under your butt. Inviting people to follow you to your next stop spreads the bar crawl love and just makes the night more interesting. 

You get to share your energy with the streets of Scottsdale

Hear ye hear ye, Scottsdale’s hottest bach group is rolling down the street! 

You don’t often get to feel like royalty, but when you’re on a party bike, it almost feels like you are the queens on a float of a very small parade. You get to catch the eyes of everyone on the street and share your good party vibes with all of Old Town Scottsdale.

There’s a reason back parties on party bikes are known as “woo girls” – it is practically impossible not to cheer and wave when a pedestrian waves at your party bike. This almost celebrity feeling keeps the party feeling fun, cheeky, and exciting from the first second to the last. 

Ultimate Scottsdale Bachelorette Party

You get the perfect party timeline

Walking is for boring people, anyways. 

When you’re drunk and waiting for your second wind to hit, walking 4 blocks to the next bar can feel like 30 blocks. Not to mention getting lost, having hurt feet, and trying to keep track of the runners in your group, and trying to convince the rest that it’s time to move on to the next stop. Talk about a difficult ‘bar mom’ shift. Streamline your night with a party bike tour! 

Party bike tours come in clutch for keeping the bar crawl moving, streamlined, and fun. You have a set amount of time to enjoy par stops along the way, so it’s go-time when you enter a bar, whether that means buying shots, hitting the dance floor, or finding someone to flirt with. You stay at the bars just long enough to get everything you want out of them, but not long enough to feel trapped for hours. The full tour is the perfect length – you have an awesome time, but still have some gas left in the tank for an after-party. 

You also have a perfect built-in excuse for getting away from overly chatty guys: Sorry boys, we have to head out to our next stop – we don’t make the rules, just follow them! 

Hello, drink specials!

Who doesn’t love feeling like a VIP?

Thanks to a handy wristband, people taking a party bike tour automatically get access to a list of seriously sweet drinks deals. From all-day happy hours to discounted well drinks to discounts on signature drinks, all party bike bar partners share the love for party bike tours. 

It’s a great way to save money on bar drinks, but also a good excuse to break out of your vodka sprite rut and taste the signature drinks of each bar stop. Bottoms up!

We love a Scottsdale bachelorette party, and a party bike tour is the best cherry on top. Trust us – book a tour to take your bach party to the next level. 

Want to get a special deal on your party bike tour, along with tons of other VIP specials for local Scottsdale bachelorette activities and spots? Check out our free guide to the ultimate Scottsdale bachelorette weekend!