Time to ask the age-old question: How much does a Scottsdale bachelorette party cost?

Calculating beforehand what the overall damage of a bachelorette party will minimize drama or stress down the road. When everyone knows what they’re getting into, there are fewer questions and arguments, so everyone can just focus on the fun! 

We aren’t trying to assign math homework – we just think that doing some quick calculations will help you in the long run. 

Whether you’re calculating a thrifty chick or major baller weekend budget, taking a look at this average cost can be a reasonable baseline budget!

A couple notes before we start:

  • We are basing our numbers on a group of 8 bachelorette party-goers to keep this easy!
  • This is based on a Friday morning to Sunday evening schedule – the most popular length of time for a Scottsdale bachelorette party!
  • This doesn’t include flight prices – we don’t know where you are coming from!
  • This is a generic not-the-cheapest-not-the-most-luxurious overall budget. There are tons of places you can add on or take away to reach your ideal budget or experience!

Experience Scottsdale

Your Accommodations: $1700

The average vacation home that can house a group of 8 costs around $1700 (and by average, we mean adorable, modern vacation home with a pool, yards, or whatever you need). This can change depending on what time of year you visit!

If you want a spot all about the pool parties, photoshoots, and every detail screams bachelorette party, you’ll get a lot for a little more. 

For example, this ABSOLUTE DREAM bachelorette party weekend vacation home comes with the cutest decor, a pool, yard games, modern appliances, and amenities. And, oh yeah, the theme is pink. Because whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed. 

Suppose you care more about the deal than you do about the decor. In that case, there are tons of non-bachelorette-themed vacation rentals that are closer to $800 for the weekend.

Plate of food up close

Your fancy celebratory dinner: $500

You need to go hard for at least one dinner – and restaurants like Toca Madera make it well worth the cost. Enjoy a quality cocktail and exceptional entree and share a dessert or app in a fantastic environment to set this weekend apart and give you the perfect place to cheer the almost-bride. 

The rest of your food: $800

You’ve got groceries, takeout, easy eats, brunch… you’re going to enjoy several more meals over the weekend! There are so many unique casual and trendy eateries to try in Scottsdale – don’t miss the chance to explore Old Town with your taste buds!

Bacheloretts on the Party Bike

One big-ticket item for a wild party: $600

You need to add an x-factor to your bachelorette weekend to make memories and try something new with your gals. You can take a fun weekend to something special, from a private photoshoot to hired pool boys.

The x-factor we recommend? Arizona Party Bike. This is a bachelorette classic that will absolutely be the height of your weekend!

Drinks and club tab: $600

Obviously, the drinks tabs can vary dramatically depending on what type of party you’re planning. Maybe your group stays chill while going out – others may ball out. And, of course, some make it their weekend challenge to get as many free drinks as possible. 


Whatever vibe your group tends to go for, make sure it’s reflected in your budget!

Scottsdale Bachelorette Party on the Arizona Party Bike

Bach gear and decorations: $250

Is it even a Scottsdale bachelorette party without planned outfits?

Some matching bach gear takes a standard girl’s weekend to a fabulous bachelorette weekend. Turn heads everywhere you go with cute cowboy hats, themed tanks, or sun-blocking visors that add a little oomph to your day look! 

Misc: $350

Who knows what else you’ll run into? Maybe you decide you want to grab some last-minute fanny packs or forgot to bring sunscreen. Or, more likely, need some more pregame drinks before heading out. 

Don’t paint yourself into a corner! Having some wiggle room in your budget will ensure no one is blindsided by surprise costs.


The Grand total: 4,800

This is what it takes to plan a fantastic Scottsdale weekend! Without cutting any corners, you can expect to spend about this much for a group of 8. But, of course, there is room to add and take away to change the overall cost. So you can plan a Scottsdale bachelorette weekend with many different budget sizes. The world is your oyster! 


Seems like a long list of costs? With the VIP discounts in our Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Guide, you can make it more manageable!