Relaxing Things to Do for Scottsdale Bachelorette Party

Let’s get one thing straight: Relaxing doesn’t mean boring. The idea of planning some ‘relaxing’ activities during a Scottsdale bachelorette party can feel like you’re missing out on the party, but trust us when we say we aren’t just suggesting to fill the afternoon with a nap. 

You may need a break from the constant party scene. Or, maybe your group isn’t huge on clubbing in general. There are tons of things to do in Scottsdale when you need to take a small breather, and while some of them are lounge-around activities, not all of them are. Some of them are a little active, invigorating, or even exciting – but all of them have one common thread – they’re really fun. 

So while yes, these are not poppin’ bottles, dance-on-the-table activities, you aren’t planning a bachelorette party for your grandmother. Here are some Scottsdale activities that are fun, chill, and worth your precious time.

Scottsdale Pools

Best Pools in Scottsdale For Bachelorette Party

Scottsdale is known for its truly extravagant pools – some of them are more geared to an epic Scottsdale pool party, but many are perfect for the bachelorette group that wants to relax surrounded by luxury. 


The Saguaro is a great choice for when you haven’t decided if you want a read by the pool day or an upbeat DJ beats pool day. They have designated pools for both scenes, so you can switch off throughout the day. On top of that, they have gorgeous, trendy surroundings and delicious frosty drinks to enjoy.

Fairmont Princess

The Fairmont Princess pools are all luxury, all the time with 6 different pools to choose from. With Adults-only pools and an extravagant atmosphere, you can lounge with your bachelorette crew and lean into the extravagance of the surroundings without kids splashing you all day. 

Scottsdale Yoga Classes

Scottsdale Yoga Classes

Yoga is the epitome of relaxing right? Yoga classes are a great break to give yourself a little mental check-in and reflect on the weekend. You can go to a beautiful Scottsdale yoga studio for the class, but many instructors can take the yoga class to you as well! 

By booking a private yoga instructor and class, you can tailor the yoga class to the activity level of your bachelorette group and tell your instructor what you hope to get out of the class. Our personal favorite is The Balanced Bachelorette – an amazing local instructor who will come to you and lead a fantastic class tailored to your specific preferences. This company built it’s brand around making a perfect experience for bachelorette groups, so they know exactly what your group needs. A relaxing breathing exercise? An invigorating sweat-sesh? 45 minutes of corpse pose? It’s up to you. And the best is yet to come – The Balanced Bachelorette is a partner of Scottsdale Bach – so if you’re looking for a good bargain on a private yoga class, download our guide!

Scottsdale Spas

Best Scottsdale Spas for Relaxing Bachelorette Party

Scottsdale Spas take their job seriously. And by their job, I mean offering the most luxurious, calming, beautiful experience to spa-goers. And from pool access to saunas to lovely restaurant drinks and spa-fare to munch on, your 60-minute massage just became a full-day experience.

Well & Being Spa

We love Well & Being Spa because they love their guests. From special group rates to all the amenities they offer, it’s clear that they want to create the best experience possible for your group.

Remember those amazing Fairmont pools we mentioned above, The Well & Being Spa is connected to those. So when you book a spa experience, you also get access to those sparkling pools. On top of that, you have access to an aromatherapy room, waterfall grotto, fitness center, sauna, steam room, private adults-only rooftop pool, and so much more. If you’re a sucker for a bargain, this is the spa experience for you.

Four Seasons Spa

For a Spa that takes it to the next level of luxury, drive out of town to escape to this Sonoran Desert paradise. The Four Seasons Spa offers lavish gold-infused scrubs, sauna, steam rooms, and a design-your-aroma experience. This is a great chance to leave the city for a spell and come back refreshed, glowing, and ready to take on the next activity. 

Scottsdale Tours

Scottsdale Tours & Activities

Scottsdale Party Bike Tour

Ok – you’re probably wondering how this activity made it onto our “relaxing Scottsdale activities” list. But hear us out – a Scottsdale party bike tour can be whatever you make it. Yes, it’s easy to make it a crazy, exciting trip that feeds off a party atmosphere. But, it can also be a fun, creative way to partake in a Sunday afternoon brewery tour.

If you book a day tour on a Scottsdale party bike, you can pedal down sunny streets, choose chill stops perfect for enjoying a cold drink in a cool place, and listen to your favorite songs of any genre. That sounds pretty darn relaxing to us! 


Scottsdale Wineries & Wine Tours

Scottsdale Wineries

Stroll down Scottsdale’s prettiest streets to find the best local wineries in the area. Whether this is self-lead or an official Scottsdale winery tour, it’s the perfect activity for testing amazing wines, seeing some beautiful tasting rooms, and enjoying the company of your bachelorette group. 

One winery that should not be missed is Carlson Creek winery. This winery experience is the perfect way to soak in the scottsdale sun, as well as some amazing wines and cheeses. With the option of a private room and wine tastings of all types, it is not hard to post up and really enjoy this spot with your bachelorette group.

Some of the best wineries and tasting rooms are snug right next to each other in the heart of Old Town, so a winery tour doesn’t take much effort to undertake. All you need to do it get into the right area, and then there are tons of options all within a couple of blocks of each other. Maximum quality wines and minimal walking creates the perfect relaxing afternoon or evening activity. 

Scottsdale Outdoors

Best Hikes Around Scottsdale for Bachelorette Weekend

Depending on your definition of ‘relaxing’, a smaller Scottsdale hike may make it to the top of your list. With all of the beautiful Sonoran Desert at your disposal, an early morning stroll may be just what you need to start the day on the right foot. 

Depending on the time of year, it’s important to plan your hike around the sun for temperature reasons. But, that also means you can catch an amazing, unparalleled desert sunrise or sunset that will make the trek 100% worth the effort. Once you see that view, you’ll understand just how relaxing the Scottsdale outdoors can be. Just remember the golden hiking rule: Bring plenty of water!

If you want to make it even more relaxing, forget stressful logistics of a hike and choose a guided hiking tour or fat bike tour with Sonoran Outdoor Adventures. It’s the perfect way to just focus on the fun and the views of the desert without worrying about transportation or navigation.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain Hike in Scottsdale AZ

There is a 2.5-mile hike that is the perfect length to not take the entire day but still feel accomplished at the end after a good climb. It is heavily trafficked so there is no risk of getting lost, and you will be treated to beautiful desert scenery the entire trek.

The Gateway Loop

The Gateway Loop - Scottsdale AZ

The Gateway Loop trail (4.2 mi) is a longer, easier trail with views of gorgeous wildflowers and friendly hikers and bikers. This is the perfect hike for those who don’t like an out-and-back and prefer to come full-circle. 

Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy all the relaxing Scottsdale activities at your fingertips. You will be glad you added some variety to your Itinerary! Want to plan a weekend around these activities? Save yourself the organization headache and download our FREE Scottsdale Bach Guide!